Chess Rating Climb: 800-1000 | Chess Strategy, Ideas, Concepts for Beginner and Intermediate Players

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About this video:
This is a rating climb series (or speedrun) where I play games against players from different rating levels, starting at 600 and working all the way up to 2200. In this video I play players in the 800 to 1000 range. I try to focus on the thought process behind the moves I’m making. You will learn all sorts of chess strategies, chess tactics, chess ideas, and chess concepts. I talk about how to think during a chess game and what the thought process should be.


  1. Thank you! Someone to explain basic tactics without making me feel too stupid πŸ™‚

  2. You're awesome… I love how you play as a human and not as a "master" who talks down to those wanting to learn and to those you play… This is the most practical video on chess I've ever seen… You explain everything so perfectly… Thank you…

  3. I like how you explain move you need to make more videos like this on openings and explain the moves

  4. Pawn e6 was interesting in the early part of the video. I was wondering about castle queenside so the rook protected the queen.

  5. I just wanted to appreciate the fact that you remain quiet in between moves, a lot of lessons ramble on talking non stop in between for more tips which personally makes it harder to focus on the moment. You do a great job of staying silent and letting us think about what's going on which really helps give a clear dynamic of the reason behind the moves

  6. Seema like if you have to change things up due to time, we're not really learning the principles that were meant to be taught. TY.

  7. I just love how you explain what you are looking for in tactics instead of why you moved somewhere.

  8. Hey. Love you’re videos and have been climbing the later since I started watching so thank you!

    In this game around 24:07 you have some difficult choices and I wanted to ask about some moves I saw and if there could have been beneficial outcomes.

    Why not bishop back to B1 followed by queen C2?
    Potential check mate

    I suppose you could get choked up bye black pawn G6 but let me know what you think

  9. Im just saying what i found, it may be innacurate as i am only 740, when it was danish gambit you pushed your pawn to e5 saying he couldnt take, if he took with knight c and you didnt take it would be M1 if you didnt move your queen, if you took back he wins your bishop after taking with queen and giving check. While forking bishop.

  10. For you to be able to play and explain shows great skill, I couldn't do that.

  11. How does he manage to play 800 rated players as a 2300? or is he actually on a 800 new account while we can't see it?

  12. Holy crap Nelson the guy just kept resigning in no where near bad positions😊

  13. These video's are very helpful – well done!

  14. I think at the end 27:48 the opponent could play knight to g5 that protect the checkmate & save the knight

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