Chess Rage is Real. Ultimate Chess Rage Compiliation


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  1. The dude having a second chair just to throw, amazing

  2. 2:11

    erik: OH MY F*CKING GOD DUDE1!1!

  3. The draw is so relatable 😭😭😭😭

  4. Imagine raging over getting the points in a draw 💀

  5. Rage quit in fps games: "youre dumb, stupid, useless"
    Rage quit in chess: HOW ARE YOU so

    s m a r t

  6. Eric is not as cool as I thought he was.

  7. Calling someone lucky over the board is ultimate cope. Fck that guy.

  8. Bro said "WE JUST STARTED!" like that man rages over chess frequently 💀

  9. I bet after Hikaru won in his game against Hans Niemann, Hikaru probably just said something like "good game", made small talk to chat and maybe went to make a sandwich, while Hans was raging.

  10. Very fun seeing Niemann rage. Also hilarious to hear him talk without the ridiculous fake accent he puts on for interviews.

  11. 0:50 this is it. this is the 1st time i 1st learned of the existence of hans niemann. at this time hans was an IM but at the time video was uploaded hans was already a GM. i remember later i saw either late 2021 or early 2022 that hans was a GM. So I looked up Wikipedia to check. Then I found out Hans became a GM only recently. Then I read later on about how Hans became a GM at the late age of 18. (But Vidit was a GM at 18 and also became a superGM…)

  12. 1:44
    Why would you start when you play the black pieces kekw

  13. Who is the first little bi tch who needs to be put in a chokehold?

  14. Chess rage is real , as much a good player you are , you can lose for no reason, i guess if you are not taking chess as a pro stuff and you have some others things or job that you do requires concentration it is better to not play chess and focus on your life .

  15. Did anyone notice Eric rages the most when he's up against Hikaru.. 😂

  16. didn't know Hikaru had that affect on his peers

  17. “Chess is a sophisticated and civilized game”

  18. Second guy is a sterotypical loser who get his ego crushed, then his first reacktion is to try to scare other around him to boost his ego up again🤡 What a clown

  19. If that first clip isnt staged then that guy needs knocking out

  20. I felt this Video on so many levels.
    I just made the push to 2000 and it was so frustrating I will never play serious chess again. I hate this game

  21. Everyone: Breaks table or destroys their entire stuff
    Hikaru: W A K E U P M O U S E

  22. Just rename this to Eric Hansen losing his shit for 3 mins XD

  23. "We just started" "e4/d4 BITCH, my whole life"

  24. A wise man once said "chess is the gimnasium of the mind"… I think it's the type of gimnasium where all the grads bully you and all the techers hate you. Getting a stalemate with 7 F*CKING QUEENS also remindes me to the feeling when you write THAT one test that you put your soul in, knowing that it's going to be perfect and you get the second best grade because the teacher can't read your handwriting (or at least they claim that it is because of your handwriting. I mean, they hate you so…)

  25. As long as this shit is accepted and even encouraged (by channels like yours), it will continue.

  26. Tbh Hikaru is an average Canadian raging (he chill lol)

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