Chess Pro Explains Chess in 5 Levels of Difficulty (ft. GothamChess) | WIRED

Chess has been around for centuries, but remains a challenging, ever-evolving game to this day. Levy Rozman a.k.a. GothamChess has been challenged to explain the game of chess to 5 different people; a novice, an intermediate, a semi-pro, a grandmaster and an AI programmer.

0:00 5 Levels with GothamChess
0:17 Novice
4:21 Intermediate
10:03 FIDE Master
17:42 Grandmaster
29:34 AI Programmer

Watch more GothamChess here:

Director: Maya Dangerfield
Director of Photography: Charlie Jordan
Editor: Robby Massey
Host: Levy Rozman
Guest: Level 1: Riyae Park; Level 2: Jeffrey Kim; Level 3: Tani Adewumi; Level 4: Irina Krush; Level 5: Siddartha Sen
Creative Producer: Wendi Jonassen
Line Producer: Joseph Buscemi
Associate Producer: Paul Gulyas; Kameryn Hamilton
Production Manager: D. Eric Martinez
Production Coordinator: Fernando Davila
Casting Producer: Vanessa Brown; Nicholas Sawyer
Camera Operator: Brittany Berger
Gaffer: Rebecca Van Der Meulen
Sound Mixer: Lily Van Leeuwen
Production Assistant: Ryan Coppola
Hair & Make-Up: Yev Write-Mason
Post Production Supervisor: Alexa Deutsch
Post Production Coordinator: Ian Bryant
Supervising Editor: Doug Larsen
Assistant Editor: Billy Ward

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  1. Bro if that little girl is a novice… then I'm pure GARBAGE!

  2. The title makes no sense 😂 Levy lost to the 8 year old. He is no GM too.

  3. ''The 8 year old girl understands the game''
    Gotham : Now get out of here

  4. Agh I hate black and white pieces on black and white squares 😭

  5. If that's considered a novice player then I should quit.

  6. That little girl knows more about chest than I've ever known

  7. It was incredible how that Grandmaster was toying with him. They both knew a few moves in that the game was over.

  8. The format of this video makes for engaging, natural, thought-provoking discussion. I will watch it multiple times. Thank you for this.

  9. Didn't expect this video to turn into an intense round-robin slugfest

  10. This is great, but the 8 year old is a bit too advanced to be a novice for this series. 2:58 I feel like a better representation of a novice would be the type who says black is winning because they have more pieces.

  11. That 8 year old kid is smart! Definitely gonna teach my niece this game.

  12. This is exactly the type of AI creation I'm interested in. not just creating the most efficient AI, but decision-based. Including human-like behavior, but certainly not limited to that.
    As for chess I've only become interested in it a few days ago, haha. I was familiar with the basic moves, though I didn't know about castling and pawns being able to backtake, or however it's called. Nor did I know that you can choose what your pawn becomes when it reaches the other side, I just thought you are then given a queen. So far it's been super interesting to learn more about chess and basic tactics!

  13. If that girl is a novice then I'm a newborn baby.

  14. So is she some kind of secret genius or what?

  15. Just gotta say: that little girl "novice" knew more about chess than I did when I was a 1500 novice.

  16. It's all memorization. If someone with a truly photographic memory studied past games they would be unbeatable, the problem becomes is the game is thousands of years old… while I love chess I have to admit it's an extremely toxic community and that's been my biggest issue with the game. People who are very good (Magnus) think chess is all there is to life and what they don't realize is that in THE REAL WORLD chess matters very little and knowing chess will not save you when life decides to put you in check.

  17. Why did I totally expect to see Magnus Carlsen at some point in the video?

  18. Yeah, I have the sneaking suspicion that little girl would absolutely destroy me in like 20 moves! LOL

  19. I'm pretty sure that 8-year-old is better at chess than me.

  20. Why do we want machines being able to act just like humans?

  21. Levy is a great ambassador of chess 🙏

  22. I'm not sure why I sat through this entire video.. because I can't even tell the difference between the king and queen most of the time.. but I did find it fascinating.

  23. I would get absolutely rekt by the 'novice'.

  24. Can we have lower than novice? She was too advanced.

  25. The cruelest part of a game with Irina was when she gave him hope, that he could reach GM

  26. He doesn’t even Compete Professionally. 🤦🏻‍♂️

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