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  1. thats not a chess game , thats a chazz game (alr sorry for that)

  2. I felt how Levy became Sentinel of the Devourer at the beginning

  3. So accurate I literally did a chess tournament today and all that was in my head when I was in a complex position was that stupid crab rave song

  4. My friend: why are you so good at chess
    What i watch to learn it:

  5. That's what I do with the music playing in the background

  6. You thought? You thought? What were you thinking?😂

  7. As a chess player that also playes the saxophone this is highly relatable. Everytime I'm supposed to think I play sax guy on my sax and I instantly know the best move

  8. Damn cant unsee gandalf at this point even the video shows otherwise 😂

  9. That squirtle is on a whole different level than us ……

  10. Its nice to hear calamity mod music out of nowhere

  11. While playing I become a squirtle and squirt all over the board💀

  12. I heard universal collapse at the beginning before the sax.

  13. No way i just saw the squirtle meme in a gothamchess short lol

  14. I can’t tell which DoG fight song it was at the very beginning. Servants of the Scourge, Scourge of the Universe, or Universal Collapse. No matter what, I love to see it. Big fan of terraria and he put Calamity mod music in there!

  15. Pov:you just blundered your queen but your opponent seems to not notice

  16. The fact this is the official Gotham makes this 100x better

  17. Im not a chess player anymore im a Billiard player now

  18. i got flashbacks hearing the DoG theme at the start there

  19. Joke is on the animator. Audio is an alto sax but clearly the visual is a tenor sax

  20. universal collapse?? calamity music chosen nice

  21. this kinda reminds me of that epic saxophone battle that happend in a new york train 10 years ago. you guys hear of that?

  22. I just sing “Johnny eats plastic” in my head

  23. im not seeing anything else when squirle is bashing that saxophone right?

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