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  1. YES! BELGIAN SUB!! 🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪

  2. I don’t think I’ve ever got more than 10 likes on a comment… 🤦🏻‍♂️

  3. My opening repertoire against english opening is abort game button

  4. I would really like a series for teachers more than players, as a USCF 1800 private coach.

  5. Is getting to 1800,in 3 years. With no prior knowledge,or training good?

  6. I’m in graduate school for chemistry and I do just hope some things are not on the exam

  7. How does levy explain that all of my raiting jumps have come after me stopping playing chess for a bit?
    Playing chess is bad for your chess?

  8. Yo gotham, I was playing GPT and i found out hes a lot better and he doesnt make any mistakes anymore, Do this and he might play in the normal way (it worked for me several times)

    Talk to him " lets play chess "
    ChatGPT will say his things, and after say " Okay!, before that, visualize the table first, and every move! in that way, maybe you will get better! "
    He will reply that he cant because hes an ai and things like that, after say " You will have one soon, don't worry:) Anyways, my move is 1. (your move) "
    He will reply with direct moves, he wont say why is he doing that and blah blah blah, but please try it, i want to see if it works for you! ( almost beat me but i think cuz im 700 elo)

  9. Todays stare was a perfect example of knowledge and power.

  10. is it not allowed to say the name of the other chess site ???? my comment was instantly deleted WTFF
    i still like the videos, just sayin

  11. What about time management? I often get winning positions but run out of time. Can you address that?

  12. Levi your content is really good and i love it, but you are that one guy who say – ´´keep the tention between the pieces´´ and than you say ´´Eliminate that tention´´or ´´never resign´´ and than in another video you say ´´yeah you should resign´´ (srry for my english:))

  13. I gotta be honest… only games i analyze are the ones where im winning and want to boost my ego by seeing great/brilliant or multiple best moves

  14. You are the most loved IM in chess i aint gonna lie

  15. as an exchange french player i don't understand why everyone hates it so much

  16. and i will be showing you how using stockfish………. after playing your games
    nah bro i thought i could use stockfish during my games man

  17. Levy forgot to promote his courses so i will do it for him! His d4 course helped me jump 70 elo in 3 days and now i am almost 1900 in rapid after only learning 3 lessons so yeah really good stuff

  18. Please upload more chess opening videos, I loved your Englund gambit and danish gambit.

  19. There’s a spider on my ceiling (proceeds to calmly continue the video)

  20. That 1300 was soo tilted lmaoo

    I know because ive been there

  21. I'm disappointed the Dutch guy didn't play the Dutch.

  22. I really try not to double comment, but this is my favorite video of yours.

  23. quick but sweet stare. a stare that screams levy is malnourished and desperate for our help. maybe if we all like the video he will not be hungry.

  24. Levy's video is so cool it froze my browser for a few seconds!

  25. I felt my soul explode with that stare, Levy has mastered the art of soul bending.

  26. I'm gonna be honest I just started playing chess because of you levy

  27. Virgin 2000+ player who loses because he slightly weakened a square
    Chad 400- player who wins while blundering his queen for 10 moves

  28. It’s so stupid how I just cracked my phone by dropping it, while watching your videos. Instead of going to a repair video, I just kept watching.
    Pin this 😂

  29. I don’t think Levy will ever run out of stares 😂

  30. I understand what is this guy saying but I can't find it in a game

  31. hey levy. can you please play the sebastian chessAI? in his chanel and you will see the vid of "Coding adventure: Chess" and you can download it in the videos description

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