Chess Players Take Chess Quiz | Anish Giri, Eric Hansen, Mamedyarov, Van Foreest

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  1. Who are these guys? Are they pro chess player?

  2. This is a really convincing content great job

  3. One of them reminds me of kungfu 🐼 and teddy bears and I don't really care about the others.. 🤪

  4. How is it possible that Anish didn't go for a draw.

  5. I did not think a room full of GMs would remind me of a set 8 class but I have been disproven

  6. Master-level:
    ”Who..” ”Morphy!”
    ”When..” ”1858!”
    ”Where..” Paris!
    ”What..” ”Opera Game!”

  7. I want to see Anish giri on Who wants to be a millionaire final , A or B, but I said A first!!

  8. Anish : can u repeat the question
    Jorden : you lost on time
    (Tatasteel reference)😂😂

  9. I still find the how many months have 28 days question stupid, I mean, yes all months have more then 28 days but that's not the question?? If you had 3 apples and I were to ask you: do you have two apples? You would respond: "no, I have three", right?

  10. This is also the content we need, but damn this was edited terribly, to many cuts, makes no suspense

  11. Shakh needs to learn more English and less chess. At least I think so (as a russian myself)

  12. This is such a fun concept
    Wish it'd be bigger!

    Edit: ahahaha Anish "losing on time" that was comedic gold

  13. I like how half of the questions aren’t chess based xD

  14. I love his spirit. Who am I speaking off? 'It could be a trick question'

  15. Anish kinda teacher's pet energy

    You just know he was like that in school

  16. he actually tried the "I'm just a poor boy from Azerbaijan, I know nothing". Did he think that was gonna work?

  17. Anish has an enthusiasm of 4 year old 😂❤❤

  18. Those geography questions prove Eric is not American

  19. I'm Kenyan and very proud of Anish gor getting this🎊

  20. Eric looks like Elon Musk illegitimate son.

  21. More live funny content. This makes chess popular for people all over the world!

  22. ماميدياروف كبير و جايح يبان

  23. Anish is just smoking it off in every quiz.. He always wins all the quizzes.

  24. Hi guys! If you have time kindly watch this amazing chess traps!

  25. I already know that Anish is incredibly smart in real life , but I didn't know about van forest

  26. Shak is like a huge, insanely smart teddy bear 🐻! ☺️🤣

  27. "Some months have 31 days, others have 30 days, but how many have 28 days" .. the most correct answer to that is 1, not all. If you say some have 31 OTHERS have 30, it means you are most likely implying that the ones that have 31 dont have 30, so you are automatically implying you are talking about the total number of days in the month.
    "Some months have 31 days, some have 30, how many have 28" would be the right way to phrase it for the trick "all months" answer to be right.

  28. Pawn : 1
    Knight : 3
    Bishop : 3
    Rook : 5
    Queen : 9
    Upgrade Level 2
    Pawn : 2
    Knight : 4
    Bishop : 4
    Rook : 7
    Queen : 10

  29. They are so entertaining. These intelligent grandmasters can easily become YouTubers and create contents like this. Please make it happen!

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