Chess players play the ELO they think they deserve!

i asked chess players the Elo they think they deserved and made them play it out against that Elo. #cheeky #chess #elo #frank #chesscom



  1. Taiwanese Turtle Republic [L NUMA] 【華人波蘭球團隊(CPG)】 says:

    As a 1700 in rapid (:00000)

  2. 15:37 "If that was me i would have went there" and blundered pawn takes queen…

  3. the 700 elo guy got banned right after theese games…

  4. Frankie is a good commentary like your contents are very well documented lol, I hope you can make more of this series it's amazing

  5. btw the 700 did not blunder the queen he now will bring his other rook to the same file as his rook and deliver a backrank mate

  6. It's crazy the 700 was cheating imagine cheating in chess 😂

  7. My 11 hundred elo ass watching this and seeing it ridiculous even tho i dont play much but still wins my opponents easily 💀💀💀

  8. We need farnk's commentary in next WCC 2025.

  9. He stayed he could pin the knight but pawn could take queen

  10. as 1000 myself i can tell both of these players dont play like 1000

  11. 15:42 yeah if it was you, you'd have played it there and lost the queen (pawn captures)

  12. the 700 was blatantly cheating. In the end he even said it was his first 90+ accuracy game like he was suprised or sometihng when it was just stockfish playing

  13. Blud just said "I would go there" (and blunder my queen to a pawn)

  14. i dont believe the 700 was cheating, any enginewound just double the rooks and checkmate but he just blundered both

  15. Lmao love when franks giving insight and explaining moves he’d do where he’s straight up just going to lose his queen in 1 move to a pawn

  16. 15:37 if the 1000 went there he woul'dve blundered his queen because it can be taken with the pawn on c3

  17. Lol 700 turned off his engine to save time and immediately got destroyed

  18. no one gonna talk about why the 700 elo guy got banned

  19. this is not insane its just 1000 elo game lol

  20. 4:19 I would have taken the bishop, not noticing the queen.

  21. am 2000 (1993) and am watching this like whaaaatt

  22. this is actually a really good idea for a video

  23. the 700 thought Qd5 was Qf6 ☠☠☠☠

  24. I want to offer you a 1v1 in chess my acc name is ricejohnedward

  25. Blatant cheating from the lower rated and then when starting playing himself immediately blunders all his pieces

  26. I don't understand what "The Elo they think they deserve" means. Elo is earned, not deserved.

  27. this feels like the valorant "this iron player thinks he deserves diamond" trend but in chess

  28. yeah im 580-590 elo but i beat a 1400 elo bot, but thats different because they arent players so its not as good

  29. Am I the only one that thinks some of the players were cheating?

  30. After seeing the games the 700 is clearly cheating which explains why he takes so long to move and when he was 20 seconds in the first game he blundered everything except the 1000 is stupid so it was a draw

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