chess players on Magnus Carlsen not defending his world champion title

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  1. See,Everybody understands Magnus 's decision, yet no one can beat him….Lol.

  2. Magnus : Not participating in WC
    Hikaru : I'm unstoppable now 💀

  3. There are so many famous chess players in the world, and you manage to find all that is not so good, and not so famous.

  4. Jesus loves you all, accept Jesus and be saved today, repent from sin and believe in Jesus

  5. I dont understand it at all in all sports you expect the current champion or champions to defend their title or titles its a cop out in every sport the champs have more to loose then gain and are under the most pressure not matter what sport football box mma formula 1 rugby he's already goated even if he lost it doesn't are away his greatness but it does deny opponents the opportunity for greatness or the ability to say they even competed with the best at the highest level its wrong

  6. for ppl who dont understand, Imagine playing a single player RPG game(Skyrim for example) and maxing out all the stats…. its just not that worth it anymore…

  7. I take it he has given up chess and has decided to try a harder game…BRIDGE!

  8. You can tell it's understandable since they're trained in chess to think like their opponents so it's natural they're adapted with this kind of skill

  9. I kinda feel wanted magnus to be the goat. The GOAT. By outstaying Kasparov as no1.

    I think he could've done it. But.. well. Do these things matter in the end I wonder.

    It's much better if he crosses 2900 than dethrone Kasparov.

  10. So apparently they are voting along party lines?

  11. He can’t take the heat so he got out of the kitchen. What a cowardly decision by Magnus

  12. Grateful for the question and glad to see some responses from within the chess community. I would like to see more of these.

  13. "I kinda understand him so it's understandable"
    -Anna Cramling

  14. He just wanted to be able to take the championship away from somebody next year

  15. It’s a b** move, and one that u would only find in chess. Imagine Kobe being somewhat in his prime and sitting out a finals series

  16. Sometimes, we all get f**cked up (Andrew Tate)

  17. It's called the magnus gambit, lose a World championship and make a comeback

  18. I understand it so it's understandable

  19. Why is he not playing in the world champion? As he officially retired from playing chess. Understanding no one can beat him in chess.

  20. Magnus not playing the world championship might not be so bad considering how the first match went between ding and nepo.

  21. Small suggestion for this format – after the first time you ask the question – edit yourself asking it each time. We've already heard it so we know the context and just want to hear the answers. 🙂

  22. What do you think about Magnus not playing?

  23. Gambito do Magnus. Entregue seu título mundial para aproveitar o xadrez novamente

  24. Let someone else have a chance. Pure class

  25. Magnus must feel pressured and exhausted from defending his world title. I can understand Magnus even if I'm a chess newbie. I appreciate him for deciding not to play on the world championships.

  26. The first guy had a long glance at your knockers lmao personally, I get it!

  27. His decision to give up chess and focus solely on his Beyblades career stunned many. But in the end, we all found it understandable.

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