Chess Players Now vs Chess Players Then


  1. Chess players then: actually played chess
    Chess players now: memorize book moves

  2. Tal, Vishy, Garry, Bobby
    just chess things😎

  3. bro forgot what bobby fischer did at the end of his life

  4. Chess players then: Go mad and kill themselves because of a computer

  5. expected you to cut to 1 frame of a hitler speech 0/10

  6. Лучшее (the best)

  7. This is based on absolutely nothing and means even less

  8. One of my favourite chess genius Mikhail tal 🔥🔥🔥

  9. How many matches you lost in a streak to make this video.

    Or you just woke and decided to choose wrong era to support

  10. Chess then: white and black
    Chess now: black and white

  11. Chess is so good, players don't wear normal clothes they wear suits

  12. Man, I wish Bobby Fischer didn't go insane.
    He could've gotten even better at chess and as a human being.

  13. If Gotham chess watched the game with king e2 he could make a whole video just saying that move is the worst

  14. In the Soviet Union were the most Chess Kings Born.

  15. I wonder what will be the chess meta in the future
    stockfish knows the thousands of possibilities
    impossible for a human to even beat

  16. Chess players now: iM gOnNa MovE bLAcKS fIrsT beCaUse RaCIsM!!

  17. Чел показал очень старую партию Ананда и Каспарова 2005 года

  18. They're like the fuckin Peaky Blinders those Chess players back then.

  19. I only see one thing, PPL are forced to suppress themselves as we move forward in time. The degree of this self suppression is consistently increasing as we keep moving forward.

  20. Always like the then but now I think now chess is better

  21. Imagine there is a tournament of teams then and now. I propose 3 teams : team A come from pre 1975 team B are from 80s-90s and team C are from current GMs. Each team has 7 players. Every teams face each other in classical time control. Each players plays like in the Chess Olympic. Who will win ?
    Here are the teams :
    Team A :
    1. Bobby Fischer
    2. Mikhail Tal
    3. Alexander Alekhine
    4. Jose Raul Capablanca
    5. Mikhail Botwinik
    6. Vasilly Smyslov
    7. Max Euwe

    Team B :
    1. Gary Kasparov
    2. Anatoly Karpov
    3. Viswanathan Anand
    4. Vassily Ivanchuk
    5. Vladimir Kramnik
    6. Veselin Topalov
    7. Alexei Shirov/Boris Gelfand

    Team C :
    1. Magnus Carlsen
    2. Ian Nepo
    3. Ding Liren
    4. Alireza Firouzja
    5. Anish Giri
    6. Hikaru Nakamura
    7. Wesley So/Fabiano Caruana

  22. Well i dont think anyone can debate but magnus carlson might be the world best chess player EVER

  23. The resign rule is the worst I think one should fight till the last warrior (piece) fall

  24. ask lelouch for advice.. you know if you watched code geass

  25. What information is this video supposed to provide?💀

  26. They had to move wooden pieces???? With their fingers????

  27. I mean its inline with the degradation of western society.

  28. Ah yes, chess players then:

    Bobby Fischer: racism

  29. Would be nice to see a chess player from then vs a chess player from now

  30. Back then their nations pride was on the line, now its just personal pride

  31. This dude done put Ted Bundy in the video

  32. Fun fact:
    Bobby Fischer liked 9/11, he also was very stubborn

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