Chess players in Mexico try to set world record

(2 Nov 2006) HEADLINE: 13,000 Chess Players Go For World Record
CAPTION: Chess players in Mexico City try to break the world record for the simultaneous games played in the same location. (Oct. 24)


[Notes:AP Video of giant chess board from above]

Talk about an event with a checkered past!

[Notes:AP video of players]

More than 13-thousand chess players gathered in Mexico City’s central square recently.

They were battling it out to break a world record for the most chess games played at the same time in the same place.

[Notes:AP video of older play, kids playing]

Players of all ages turned out to make their moves.

Huge video screens in the plaza beamed the message that the record had been broken.

Not so fast.

It won’t be official until it’s certified by representatives of Guinness World Records – who were on hand for the display.

The previous record was also set in Mexico last year, when more than 12-thousand games were played simultaneously in the city of Pachuca. (pa-CHOO-ka)

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