chess players are weird…

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  1. BEAUAUAHGH Tipical Botez Gambit, Stress formation

  2. Gotham has fans. But the Botez sisters have simps!!! Like if you agree😮

  3. Chess players are weird.
    Andrea Botez is a chess player.
    Therefore, Andrea Botez is weird.

  4. Bishop is gone, baby. Gone.

  5. As a chess player, i can confirm we are weird.

  6. “one does not choose bullet, bullet chooses you” – Alexandria botez

  7. can we admire the act that she controlled her self<33
    btw love the life lesson

  8. As a great chess player said,, either you play bullet or lose your sanity 🤣

  9. All these physically attractive, scantily dressed, yet completely asexual, female chess influencers. So weird.

  10. I swear, this happens to me all the time, the (I know what is going to happen, still i go along with it)-move

  11. As a chess player I can confirm we are weird

  12. You are so beatifull in some many ways … i adore you

  13. Many chess players are great and normal but some as we can see are not.

  14. Omg she is so beautiful I will simp for Alex forever 😍

  15. I realized you probably hate us right now, but hello from the Czech Republic ✋🇨🇿

  16. My headphones turned me deaf thanks to you 🙂

  17. You're ridiculous, good luck with your views anyway…

  18. Weird? Only cool people sit up till 2am on a Friday night playing chess on twitch.

  19. Andrea that short is too banger I cannot resist …See the wildness..n anyone can become wild in this wilderness THE SHORT IS TOO BANGER I CANNOT RESIST 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  20. Sometimes I think that she has two personality. Like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

  21. Alex still hot messy hair and all. You go girl ryow😊!!!!!

  22. Andrea, your BEST FEATURE is your Physical Beauty as a Woman, your intellect and your interests you display have NO MEANING. Have a great day!

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