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  1. Bro is playing the prison door opening 💀

  2. More than half the comments in here are bots… do something youtube!

  3. He loves tax evasion if you see another clip of his roommate giving him rent through a donation he talked about it😂 he is a wild man

  4. "Tax evasion is a crime, Vergil!"
    "It's an obligation!"

  5. and he sacrifices…..THE TAXES

  6. and he sacrifices…..THE TAXES

  7. Fun fact: He is Hamza’s friend, Hamza once mentioned him in video right before he blew up.

  8. 🤣 And he wanted the tax evasion meme to die…so he brought it up again. 😅

  9. "Tax evasion is a crime, Vergil!"

    "It's an obligation!"

  10. And he sacrifices……his reportssss

  11. Total agreement:

    <Alright, we don't report>
    <NO NO, we REPORT>
    <We don't report SH*T 😂>

  12. "tax evasion is not a crime, it´s self defense", especially in NY

  13. Would be nice if you put the link to the full video in the description

  14. My 1000 elo is useful, finally, time to teach some middle-schoolers

  15. I am on my way to New York, I am a strong 500 elo fide rated player, contact me for lessons 😂

  16. The tax gambit is my least favorite opening idea

  17. Good to know 😮 , I'm a 1900 rated , and ready to provide my service (playing or teaching) for only 5$/hour.
    Feel free to contact me.
    The road to 6 figures ❤

  18. Well well well… looks like imma need to give our local elementary school a visit now that I graduated.
    Having a couple of bucks for university would be good ig

  19. Ah the fbi gambit, gives you are very disadvantageous position from the start

  20. Emory Tate from heaven watching this: No! , you can’t make $ teaching chess!💀

  21. "You know what worse than making drugs tax invasion!!"
    – Saul Goodman

  22. Bro playing the Tax Gambit Declined: Evasion variation

  23. If there’s one thing you should be scared of it’s the irs

  24. Ludwig be like I'mma take this IM to prison

  25. Where can i find the whole video

  26. americans think paying taxes is too expensive so they'd rather pay triple that on health insurance with substandard health care cos 'muh freedoms'

  27. could i teach 100 elo chess players as a 1200 elo player?😃

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