Chess Player Won’t Stop Trash Talking…So I Destroy Him

I played Drew over at @CoffeeChess and he got a little too confident, so I had to show him what I got 🙂 hope you enjoy the video and thank you so much for watching!!

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  1. You talk about trouncing this guy but lose so much more time than him. Work that processing speed up and focus.

  2. Of all the things suggested to me. After seeing this. Had to subscribe. I would love to play a grandmaster and see how fast I get checkmated😂🤣😂 this was AWESOME!!!

  3. Just tell him to actually get a job and make a difference in the world instead of being a f**** bum

  4. What am I missing her? Pawn just disappears from C4 for no reason at :44!

  5. You don’t destroy a man! You need a man to validate you! You are nothing without a man!

  6. I hope this man was well compensted for appearing in this…
    He probably can make a living now losing to narcissitic wihte women looking to up their online profiles. Get you money bud!

  7. Good fun, she's obviously been playing Chess for a much shorter period of time. She just outmarts him.

  8. I’m not really a chess player , but I do understand each piece , wow , well played lady 💯🥳

  9. Nothing like trash talking then getting your ass kicked. There is no ‘it is what it is’. Your dignity has left the building

  10. Many of us missed it.. she’s not bad (except her "trash talk".) nice moves, great video. Thank you for the lesson.

  11. The ultimate thinking game no matter man or woman…much respect Anna

  12. Demolishing one st time!

  13. Only a chess game but this interaction shows why humans of all races can get along with each other through mutual respect .

  14. How did she take that pawn that was next to hers close to the beginning??

  15. This guy is a poor sport , typical, all be it. I've played checkers and dominoes with people that have the same trash talking animosity , they belong playing dice on the sidewalk 😂😂😂😂

  16. i don't even watch chess, or like watching it for that matter, but i love watching people get humbled so i love watching this 🤣

  17. New to Chess …after checkmate why didn't he take the knight with the Queen?

  18. Why doesn't he go queen to e2 on the first check?

  19. This is the video that made me fall in love with chess. Thanks Anna!

  20. He’s not talking any more trash than her. Why is he being called out?

  21. She can check mate me any day
    Intelligent and attractive….quite a catch

  22. Stop bullying these poor hobos Anna😅!
    Nah just kidding keep going😘.

  23. I love the fact that there are people that take a game so seriously as to achieve this level of acumen. Where would we be without high achieving mids and the desire for ego supremacy. True believers deliver my mail, and God bless them for it.

  24. Why does this nit wit keep saying "Bro" I quess he doesn't know the definition of the word "woman" or "Lady"

  25. hahah "whats your knight doing there" .. thats why i love chess and trash talk … aint about how big you are or who you are ….if you know what youre doing, you can shut up everyone

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