Chess Masters Answer Most Common Questions

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00:00 Intro
00:45 Did you get bullied in school?
01:55 You don’t look like chess players.
03:17 Chess parties.
05:23 Chess romance stories.
07:36 Outro and Bloopers.


  1. I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one who wants a follow up on the issues women face in chess. I can only imagine how bad it could be, it’d be nice to know the reality.

  2. I just like listening to you two having fun and getting up to all kinds of stuff. The chess is secondary for me.

  3. Eric throwing chair is peak chess on twitch moment and don't even try to convince me otherwise

  4. “Chess players don’t do a lot of drugs because they’re worried about their brain, but they’ll drink as much as they want. They’re quite the alcoholic.” Doesn’t alcohol kill brain cells?

  5. QUESTION : is it necessary to turn up in a suit to play chess ? or it's just the normal thing to do ? why is no one dressed in sweatpants and a t ( in turnaments)

  6. Only a very small percentage of females are GM.
    Chess is not a very emotional
    exercise, so not appealing to most females. Put that in a pipe and smoke it.

  7. Magnus broke fair play rules by playing for that girl he’s a cheater Hans

  8. In fact, I would love a video devoted to female issue in the chess realm.

  9. Please more videos on women issues in chess

  10. I have ADHD too. I could totally see how chess would bring you into a hyperfocused state rather than an unfocused state. It feels great to hyperfocus. That's when ADHD feels like a superpower instead of the hinderance it usually is.

  11. imagine being born that beautiful… Despair

  12. I've seen someone get stabbed gambling ramen noodle soups on the chess board in prison. "Chess players are crazy" … Never have I seen someone get stabbed not gambling on chess though.

    Just beat up for talking shit 😂

  13. I’m new into chess and I’m trying to learn everything fast which scrambles my brain lol.
    I enjoy watching your videos and I think y’all are awesome. I love hearing about the journeys of chess players and how they started out.

  14. I got your chess set for Christmas and am learning how to play now!! Super excited but sad it took 20+ yrs to be introduced to chess

  15. Great video, yeah we wait for the number 2… hi from Brazil

  16. these 2 dodobirds should have stuck to checkers

  17. I can answer the thumbnail. On average, yes. But there are still exceptional female players. They are just in shorter supply

  18. Andrea is ADHD ? That makes so much sense, but still ! Being ADHD and able to do chess is so impressive ! Also, sorry for emphasising so much on that. Its just important for me ^^

  19. As a member of the male audience, as a matter of fact I would like to hear ab women issues in chess

  20. 2:50 I'm a male and I'd love to learn more about male issues in chess! Your experiences and thoughts are so valid and important.

  21. I (male audience member) would love a video about women's issues in chess

  22. 6:10 is this like a Red Sonia thing? Will women chess masters only be with men who can beat them? Do suiters need to be the Arnold Schwarzenegger of chess? "Prepare to be Conquered!"

  23. They choose strange faces for the thumbnail.

  24. "Oh he's cute but he's only 2200" bruh I'm screaming, I'm howling, I'm leaving my body I'm CRYING I can't believe Elo diggers is a thing I- I just love the chess world so much you guys hahahahaahhah

  25. I lost it when drunk Magnus appeared on the screen😂

  26. I totally agree about words like "nerd" "geek" and other similar type words. It's not that I 'hate' them. It's like I tell everybody. They're derogatory terminology and used as a label. And completely invalid concept. I do not use those words or call anybody that.

  27. I read cheese
    Are women worse at cheese? 😂

  28. we want the female chess player struggles video

  29. Better question is; what are women better at other than giving birth?

  30. don't get a tesla they are absolute garbage. Get a honda.

  31. Yes. I don’t know why. The world may never know why. Even tho it has nothing to do with strength men are better. Same in video games, has nothing to do with strength but men are just better.

  32. You dont have ADHD. Its normal to be like that. These days everything its a disease! So dont worry, honey!

  33. would love a part 2 or vid on women experiences in chess !! im a girl who's a huge fan of you two, keep it up !! 😀

  34. ( WE ) need a Part 2 ! ! Excellent video and very informative and funny, and "Thank you" for sharing the video… * Alex and Andrea are both bright, intelligent, and attractive… " Semper Fi " Mike in Montana 🙂

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