Chess Masterclass: How GMs find the Best Moves? Best Tips & Ideas to Improve your Game, Play Better

Here’s a Masterclass on how Chess Grandmasters think & find the best moves in any position. In this video, I will reveal all the secret tips and techniques that grandmasters use to improve their chess game. These secret chess tips will help you get better at chess & improve your game very fast. These ideas will help you in understanding the basics of chess thinking, which will ultimately teach you how to win in chess games. This will help you in training for middlegames & master chess calculations. You will learn the best ways to find good moves quickly & also discuss the concept of candidate moves. I also have an interesting Chess Puzzle for you at the end of this video. Let’s see if you can solve that.

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Video Timestamps:
0:00 : Average Chess Players vs Grandmasters
0:54 : Concept of Candidate Moves
1:57 : Forcing Moves & Tactics. Watch this as well:
2:36 : General Principles
3:39 : Resolving Piece Problems
4:18 : Chess Analysis with DecodeChess
5:33 : Intuition in Chess
5:47 : Magnus Carlsen Reveals a Secret
6:32 : Move Consistency
7:17 : Analyzing your opponent’s last move. Watch This as well:
7:32 : Reality Check
8:04 : Chess Puzzle

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  1. sir i am 12 year boy and i love chess and i want to improve myself but i am felling is that from a weak i am unable to learn more like my brain is full what can i doo

  2. If you are playing with a Grand Master remember that every Grand Master was once a beginner.

  3. It's a mating puzzle and the best move is 1. 1. Qc6 and it is a forced move and then followed by 1… Qc8 2. Rd8 f3 3. Rxc8#

  4. The puzzle answer :
    Q d8
    if queen blocks then K c6
    if bishop blocks then R d5

  5. "Those experts who tell you to evaluate all sorts of moves are just bluffing you"
    This hit me hard

  6. the best move would be queen to c6 there are other ways to threaten your opponent but by that, you will be risking something of yours turning the tables. love your videos

  7. Puzzle solution Qc7 threatening mate by Qb7#, black can prevent this mate only by Qc8, Here white plays the stunning move Rd8 pinning the Queen to King. Queen cannot capture the rook because of the mate on b7.

  8. moving White's queen to b8 is a beautiful check mate🎉

  9. when i heard your accent i knew i could trust you with anything about chess

  10. You explained me very well now i promise to become a grandmaster after some years to jeetendra sir

  11. I have found one more best move and it is rook to d5 then
    i) If bishup captures the rook then queen to d8 is checkmate
    ii) If queen captures the rook then queen to f8 and when bishup will defend , white will capture bishup and it is checkmate.

    Although , I know we have best move as queen to c6 .
    I was only thinking about the second best move.

  12. 1. Queen to c6

    2. Bishop takes Queen

    3. Rook to d8 is CHECKMATE…
    Answer To Today's Puzzle

  13. Love you videos. Love from Pakistan. Btw the solution is Kc6, Qc8, Qd8, Qxd8 Rookxd8+, BishopC8, rook captures c8 check and you're up a piece. Please reply and tell if I am right. Thanks

  14. Ok he is going to make me dominate chess and make me a grandmaster btw keep it simple and it is all about intuiation

  15. There are lot of possibilities.
    Let me explain.
    Case 1:- Knight will go to C6 & if black will play some random move like forking knight and rook at C2 and threatening mate by taking rook, then moving queen to  be will be a mate.
    Case 2:- If he takes with the bishop, we will take it with our queen. It is check, so king have only 1 safe square. Then we will move our rook to last row, which will be a mate.
    Case 3:- If he sees it coming and move his rook to g8, then we will move our knight to e7, forking queen and the rook. If black moves his queen to go in order to protect queen and take the knight. We will take his rook, with knight. Black takes knight with his queen. Move queen to d8 square, it's a check. He will take our queen with his queen and we will take his queen with our rook placed on d1. Again it's a check. Only possible move is to Bishop c8. Take bishop with our rook. And you have rook and 2 pawns from where one can easily win this game.

  16. Qc6 is the best move because black will play bxc6 then white will play rd8+ then black Qc8 then white will play Rxc8 checkmate .If black doesn't take with the bishop then white will play Qb7 checkmate.

  17. Qc6 followed by Rd8 and everything is over

  18. Qd8 is the best move for white in the puzzle, I guess

  19. Puzzle:
    Rg8 it can be a simple checkmate
    Also if opponent move Bb8
    Qc8 capture it
    And that's a check mate

  20. Do you have games you’ve played online? I’d like to watch

  21. I hope this the right answer :v
    (I know this is longer than some other answer, but well this is what I found)
    White: Qd8
    Black: Bc8
    White: Rc1
    Black: Qc5
    White: Rc5
    Black: Pc5
    White: Qc8

  22. Qc6 sacrafice the queen , bishop takes and rook to d8 , black queen blocks and takes the queen checkmate!

  23. Queen c7 if you take that's mate in 2 with Rd8+, Qc8 , Rxc8#
    If you don't take it's checkmate by taking the bishop

  24. Qc7, rg7, Rd8,bc8, Rxc8, qxc8,Qxqc8, checkmate

  25. Rook to d5 could also be an option.
    Neither of the Queen or Bishop will work if it somehow takes.

  26. Thank you so much. I am still a beginner, but I know with your help I will get better. Thanks again.👍

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