Chess Master Pretends To Be A Beginner Player

Woman Grandmaster Dina Belenkaya had a surprise while playing some games at a park in Romania. She was challenged by someone who said he was 1500 ELO, but turned out not to be true. Drop a like and tell us in the comments if you figured out who he was!

00:00 Intro
00:18 Game

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  1. So hes not a hustler? Guess hes white so that cant be the case.

  2. Two women playing chess and their first reaction is to cheat, hide pieces and talk nonsense. If men did this they would be smacked in the face.

  3. Chess games on this channel are best enjoyed if you mute the audio.

  4. Andrea would distract me anytime 🤔🔥 @DinaBelenkaya

  5. Is he alexandru banzea chessable author, looks like exactly his voice. He is from Romania as well.

  6. Was she Alexandra botez in middle chair

  7. Dina yı çok sempatik buluyorum..canı sıkılsa bile bunu eğlenceli bir hale getirmesini biliyor..Bu videoyu yayınlaması bile kendisiyle nasıl eğlendiğini gösteriyor..

  8. At this point it is just painful to watch you crumble.

  9. why didn't you say that you are actually from Russia? Is it so embarrassing for you?

  10. what type of boring questions is she asking? just play chess

  11. For those that dont know IM Alex Banzea is possibly the best streamer on Youtube. really funny and very professional.

  12. I don't like the idea of underestimating opponent or playing a different way (cough cough Kasparov) just cuz your opponent has a certain rating and you know it. It's like you get into a street fight and ask: "Wait wait… are you a blue belt?" or after you lose a street fight "Gee I didn't know he was a black belt."

    Just fight dammit! 🙂

  13. You're free to keep your mouth shut and play, we will be much entertained in that kind of way

  14. You are not a chess player if you not a trash-talker)
    "I`m not annoying, I`m an orange")

  15. 0:51 Albert Einstein casually walks out getting bored . Let me make another superduper bomb formula 😂

  16. I love it when high ranks take the YouTube trash out. What a disrespectful, and stuck up child she is. Even tried to cheat / manipulate with her friend. Shameful.

  17. I think u should drop the pgn of the game ….

  18. in bg some people feeling cold and some people feeling
    hot I mean what kind of wheather that could be

  19. Condescension is not talking trash it just makes you not a nice person

  20. She could play better if she talked less of this senseless BlaBla,Besides it`s not nice for the viewer who tries to follow the game.

  21. Are there chess masters AND Grandmasters?
    Im a noob, so pls explain to me if you become so? DO you have to play competetivly all the time or how does that work?

  22. I thought the man was the owner of the channel. I checked the picture and it turned out that I was wrong. He seems to be the professional.😅

  23. Really interested in the girl at 10:30 on the left. Anyone got her social media?

  24. Dina how did you let him beat you?😂😂😂

  25. It is Alex Banzea?? He's my online chess guru 😂😂

  26. Nice game!👌 love that girl behind, she was really interested enjoying the game!😍

  27. This is Alex Banzea he has a channel

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