Chess Hustler Said I Was Too Easy…So I Did This

I played a hustler in Union Square Park, who thought I’d be very easy to beat. Hope you enjoy the video!

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  1. DID SHE deliberately leave pieces off the edges of the squares in the second match – to mess with his OCD?

  2. Kinda sad how she likes to make fun of street chess players, like she can't win a real tournament.

  3. He's a dirty cigarette smoker that is why he lost….

  4. Ah, the sweet chuckle of a Win at the end always makes these videos so satisfying

  5. If they belittle you, kill them with kindness 😄

  6. Is it me or does she just want to show the other chess player up? Who’s the hustler?

  7. Played him like the sucker he is!😂😂😂😂

  8. You really took Jason Mewes down a notch there

  9. Dude isnt even there for the chess, he's tweeking!

  10. The title is amusing very misleading. Anna is actually the hustler here. Reading through the comments, I don't think a lot of people understand what one actually is.

  11. …I am at the park and play speed chess and say I'll let you win the first one. He though we was setting you up for a nice bet…LOL…I beat people like that all the time at pool. I would be schooled at the chess game, but glad you shut him up.

  12. The sound kept dropping out on my computer as I watched this.
    I'll have to get that fixed.


  14. Humble much! Everything is not always about winning. Calm down please

  15. Well, I think "hustlers" should sue this predator out of existence.
    The only lying, cheating, manipulating trash here is this blond monster.

  16. Listen, trash, you can't go through life abusing people.

  17. If he had a YouTube channel, I'd be following him.

  18. I find weird this video: its a game of 6 minutes (3 min. each player), but it lasts around 8 minutes; even more; when both have left 1 minute, the video has around 7:40 seconds already, it just doesnt make sense

  19. I love how chess is so exciting they decided to add the smack talk.

  20. interesting. I know a young man who chess master of Mexico, and Spain. I believe that he is in California now.

  21. It so wonderful to watch you play. I can not hold a candle stick to you I played when I was very young but haven't played in more than 45 years I would most likely be beat within the 1st 60 seconds .

  22. Is that OCD on that guy to adjust her pieces or is she doing it on purpose?? Isn't she with the GM mom?? Sorry I don't play, just wondering.

  23. Thank you for editing out all the anti-Semitic remarks by the dude in the background!

  24. He seemed pretty dejected by the end of it. Poor guy 😲

  25. I don't know much about chess but I find these videos great. It something about the human condition I guess. I feel happy that an ego is taken, like watching a trash talking getting beaten in boxing. But then i feel a bit sad for them. They become so deflated after losing. Pride comes before a fall. Like their identity has been taken.

  26. Oh she convieniently left out the loss huh? Noted.

  27. Why didn’t she film her loss? This guy beat her earlier obviously

  28. I just love the concept that there are legitimate chess hustlers out there.

  29. I don’t understand what happened in either of those matches. I also don’t understand why YouTube is showing me chess videos. Nor do I understand why I am watching them.

  30. When I was in the first grade (6 y/o) I learned to play chess and taught my two year younger brother. A year or two later (he was 5 or 6 and I was 7 or 8) we were at my uncles house and asked if we could play chess (the grown ups were conversing at the table). Some time later he comment to my father that is was cute to see us acting like we were playing a real game. My father assure him we were actually playing and we were brutal. He watched a few minutes and asked to play the winner.
    I won and we reset the board. He was check mated in 5 moves and blown away. He never made that open again.
    Great memories.

  31. What’s with the 3 minute count down timer? I get the concept of a maximum time per move clock but have never seen one that started at 3 minutes and merely stopped and restarted with the remainder of the initial 3 minutes.

  32. whats the point of this? lol she just hustles the hustlers?

  33. Stunning girl! Her brains just make her even more attractive. I cant stand the bubble gum snapping ditsy girl.

  34. he looked pissed at the end….lol…. good game

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