Chess Grandmasters vs. Cheaters

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  1. He is rated 2077 because he has a chess calculating enhancement that threatens to give him cyberpsychosis

  2. Surely cheaters must feel so utterly and absolutely pathetic?

  3. "farm them for content" lmfao thats a yt hack

  4. I'm confused. Did Hans Niemann cheat or not? Is there a conclusion? Maybe I'm naive. I know nothing about chess but how can Hans cheat? Was there someone in the audience giving him hand signals? I love anal beads as much as the next guy but I don't think beads had anything to do with it.

  5. "nobody makes that many useless knight moves"? Magnus does. While crushing guys way better than 2400 streamers. And possibly while drunk, you sometimes can't tell with him.

  6. In my experience, about 5% of the people I play against cheat. I suspect they usually just cheat to get an advantage in the opening, so it can be hard to tell at times

  7. Cheating is only fun when you are against your friend who destroys you at chess.

  8. who cares if cheater destroy grandmaster games? like literally who cares, you just said "ranked 2077 because hes making instructional speedrunning content"`?
    so its okay for pros to make new accounts and shit on new players for content, but people cant shit on pros for fun?

  9. bro magnus just didnt wanted to let that slide

  10. What do you mean at 23:25 "If this was sharp, it would've been over." ?

  11. To be honest, its not a game if participant cheats. Game is only game if rules are respected. Therefore cheater cannot be a winner in its truest sense..

  12. i dont get it; is there definitive proof that these people were cheating? in all likelihood they were but is there any actual proof?

  13. Many people believe aliens walk among us on earth. These may not all be cheaters using engines.

  14. If human remember all the chess move or technique like stockfish. So using cheat is the best tool to copy all the answers

  15. I wouldn’t say that’s cheating but rather smart. Because you’re using the games mechanics to it’s best.

  16. How do you know if someone does intermittent fasting? Don't worry, they'll tell you.

  17. Its funny how he says they're doing engine moves. Engine moves are the best so wouldn't you try to emulate that in a game? You're litterally trying to play like an engine. All the beginning wasting time stuff is bs though

  18. How do you cheat in chess? Bring your own pieces and place them in board when no one is looking?

  19. This is why I dont play on that website, its full of cheaters

  20. Pains me greatly that cheater used Mai Sakurajima, my personall favourite character, as their avatar. Shameful disgrace.

  21. How can you be sure that someone cheats ?

  22. Which brings me to my next saying,
    If you cant beat them, cheat them.

  23. Magnus literally played better than stockfish a few days ago. He had an ELO higher than stockfish on game analysis. If he used a computer he would be worse than how he played.

  24. as someone who doesnt play chess, can someone explain to me what the criteria is for banning someone for using cheats is? Just a high percentage of top engine moves? what engine are they using to determine this? Sorry it just seems incredibly strange to me that the confidence is so high that they are cheaters

  25. Im unfamiliar with the scene. Can someone explain what it would cost an org 8 figures to be in a tournament for a free to play video game ? Im trying to make it make sense ( like travel and athlete pay) but that cant be but a mil or 2 tops

  26. i am 800 elo and my highest accuracy was 83 and my first brlliant move was just rook to f1

  27. TELL ME MAGIC ANAL BEADS WILL I WIN 100MIL DOLLARS???? (most definitely not)

  28. chess assist is also a good google extension chess cheat

  29. Wait how did the guy cheat against magnus???

  30. Its comicsl how little we know about cheating and coding on this channel. Pin of shame, please
    Love YOUR content

  31. I was looking for more commentary about how you know the player is cheating.

  32. The best player in the world is your grandpa when you’re young.

  33. How do you figure out cheaters on a open position games? and to prove it to get them banned

  34. I'm wondering how you cheat unless you just outright play a illegal move

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