Chess Grandmasters vs. Cheaters

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  1. been pretty busy and havent been able to watch for awhile. still great as ever

  2. I don’t get how cheaters get up to 2000 anyways like it’s a progress how are you not going to detect a cheater at 600?

  3. I don't know what is cheating?? Is that the rule to play best move everytime??

  4. Hey, I'm not a chess pro but why doesn't white king just capture the bishop on 7:48 ?

  5. So basically if someone outplays, plays a rare or unfamiliar move or wins against a famous chessplayer then they're automatically speculated cheaters no evidence needed ?

  6. And here I though he would say "It's Bobby Fisher"

  7. Hey gang… how can we tell that they're 'cheating' please?

  8. I've often wondered, what if someone unheard of started playing online, and they were so good they were tagged as a bot, how would they prove they're not?

  9. The best player in the world is a human with good memory or a human with programming skill

  10. Trust me I do play with the kinght when I am board

  11. Me In chess best stickfish
    Google:Magnus Carlsen

  12. My story: I was playing chess on my phone, i was promptly losing to a cheater, and the next day I didn't even notice that I played a cheater, the game notified me that I get 50 Elo points so it makes it fair.

  13. Never comment negative things to opponets cheating cause aparently for lichess thats even worse than cheating xD

  14. Bro the dude going against magnus has my name😭

  15. Just to clarify Magnus isn't better than Stickfish. White gave up it's advantage at the start. Started off worse with qorse position. Magnus only won on time.
    Magnus is the best of humanity but against the god of chess no mortal can win. Best one can pray is for a draw😂

  16. I bet Magnus was sitting at his computer emotionless as he played the cheater💀💀

  17. These videos remind me of the police chase videos where the commentator like knows it's bad but still roots for the bad guy lol

  18. theres no fun in cheating, unless you just prank people… but to do this daily is just stupid….

  19. Best player in the world is chatgpt, absolute savage 😂😂😂

  20. Imagine cheating with 3700 engine to loose to a 2958 human

  21. No i’m the best chess player when i’m playing a bot

  22. the way that engines make the best players in the world look like children straight out of the womb at chess is terrifying

  23. I don’t see how anybody can cheat against the super grand masters, especially Magnus, because they know more than the computer about chess. So when you are better than the chess computer, how exactly does someone cheat against you? 😢

  24. aren't elo points given back when the cheater gets banned?

  25. Magnus with enough games could win agaist stockfish

  26. bro what is cheater 2's picture. I haven't watched the video yet I'm only 1:28 into the video, but…..

  27. Its unfair….. Cheater stockfish move is a bit slow…. Whereas magnus has stockfish on back of his head

  28. how do you know that the opponent was a cheater? Maybe he was just as professional as Magnus

  29. I dont see how makin ballsy sacs is a computer thing maybe i just play chess wiad but alot of this seemed fine

  30. So you're saying I've been playing cheaters and I don't actually just suck? What a relief!!!

  31. Is Magnus cheating? Why is Magnus winning? Is it because he’s smart or is because he just watching 1000’s of chess games in his rain-man head (mental cheating). And PS easy with nerd fantasies and the drama like “world grand master” kind of like American Football. Only 1 country plays it… Same. Only a small fraction of the world population (the nerd nation) plays Chess. As if I made a game out of programming the cable TV remote. Only Asperger’s need apply. There are more moves than atoms? Really? If you watch any game in reverse – how deep are the tactical strategies? 10 moves? Chess: you write 5 movie plots then your opponent rewrites the plot. Question: can you recover from their rewrite in time? But how deep are the plots? And is magnus just looking at the board and seeing the same game in his mind? Just questions.

  32. What if in the first game the other guy was just trying ruin Daniel’s pawn structure with those knight moves? I’m not convinced he’s a cheater.

  33. How is this cheating i don't understand, you can do any move however many times you want, only sorry losers and who don't know what strategy is call people cheaters

  34. Magnus was cheating by using advance neural computing system, coupled that with his sub-conciousness that is constantly eliminating all posible bad moves. Poor stockfish that only relies on processing power

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