Chess Grandmasters Solve Puzzles In 10 Seconds!

We tested the world’s best chess grandmasters to see how quickly they could solve some tricky puzzle positions! With just 10 seconds on the clock, here’s how @GMHikaru, @AnishGiriOfficial, Jan-Krzysztof Duda, Wesley So, and Sam Sevian got on when @akaNemsko tested their puzzle skills…

Director: Phong Tran
Producer: Chandler Toffa
Editor: Emily Cole

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  1. Make them do it in .1 seconds pixelated and only the light squares like the geoguesser guy

  2. i feel like a gm after seeing the last mate🤡

  3. heh some of these chess grandmasters come off as nerds.

  4. I’m so proud I solved the first one, after like 2 minutes lol

  5. I like how chess is "bigger" than the best players. It is pretty much like life. Even the best ones just have to kneel before it.

  6. I wouldn’t call these puzzles. More like da Vinci codes

  7. Magnus was also part of the video but he solved the puzzle before it was shown to him

  8. why in the world is the first puzzle presented as Black to play, without even saying that?

  9. they not solve a firts puzzle but try 1v1 with them

  10. anish didn't find the mate but a draw

  11. And that's why hikaru is successful at streaming 🔥

  12. Bruh atleast I think like a grand master in the first few moves probably also adds to how I was able to get to 800 elo in just a few weeks these moves are probably how I was able to get an early advantage or my brilliant then blunder blunder

  13. Wesley So shows his Filipino side when he was off duty. That funny aspect of a barkada is something that could easily lighten the day.

  14. I struggle so hard with order of operation in puzzles. I was close to solving the second puzzle (of course i gave myself more like a minute), but didnt see the rook-move that had to be stopped with the very first queen-move.

  15. why u guys giving them check marks when they get it wrong first? lame.

  16. Hikaru first short was too impressive .
    I just want that type of speed of confidence level in my life ❤❤❤❤

  17. If you asked this with levon he will took only 2 sec😂😂

  18. Wesley dude needs a grip in from of pretty ladies or to change games to bingo – grandmas wont distract him that much.

  19. Hikaru made two variations for a mate in 4 😵‍💫

  20. Repent for your sins and believe in the Lord Jesus now he is coming

  21. They make Wesley look real bad, Duda is awesome

  22. My guy Duda says he doesn’t like puzzles but is still extremely good at them. Commitment boys and girls… commitment.

  23. It's so hard to not root for Welsey So. He's the awkward friend in your group that's always so nice 😂

  24. All fhem blunders & Wesley SO has currently won all his matches at the CHAMPIONS CHESS TOUR 2023 at Toronto, including Magnus, MLV and Alireza. It's only DAY3

  25. Ne2 was my quick intuition as well, good to know two GMs agreed although it’s the wrong answer. 😂

    Also “felt” Re8 but missed the queen sacrifice so I wouldn’t have played it OTB.

  26. "Yeah, I'm not gonna get it without actually thinking, so…" 3:23 Come on Hikaru XD

  27. Da gals n guys so so sharp. Where da girls anyhu.

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