Chess Grandmasters Can Burn 6,000 Calories

Made by @Harris Alterman

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  1. it’s not true lol, the studies conducted found that they burn the equivalent of about 900-1000 calories in an 8 hour period, not 6000. this narrative was created by mainstream media grossly misinterpreting the study

  2. Stop that fucking face before someone breaks it.

  3. Adit Aggarwal | अदित अग्रवाल says:

    I have been using the King's Indian art of fianchettoing to get in shape😆

  4. Does this apply only to grandmasters 🤔 ?

  5. It, of course works, only for grandmasters. Don't try at home.

  6. It´s true, the energy required to think intensively for 8 hours in a row is immense. Do some research on how the brain functions before you call bs 🙂

  7. like anything else, the brain uses more energy the more intensely it's used.

    probably why there's a correlation between obesity and lower IQ.

  8. Idiot…brain burns more calories than some muscles…

  9. 6000 calories and 10 pounds of fat are insanely different

  10. But you gotta be a grandmaster first smh

  11. You could burn 6000 calories doing chessboxing

  12. I once played chess against 3 classmates and I have a headache at night lol. The game took 2 hours cause they take back their moves a lot. I manage to get a rook vs lone king :).

  13. “Oh what have you been doing”
    “Mostly just mating”

  14. I have been traveling the London system

  15. There are 3500 calories in a pound. Good thing there is no math involved in chess.

  16. Most patzers heard of it, but they never do it

  17. no it hasn’t. Show me one research on humans buring 6000 calories playing competitive chess? There isn’t. Sapolsky never published any research backing his claims. Here is actual research , which said that chess player expand 960 kcal in a 8 hours chess game. It’s used the calorimetry methode for it’s results and it is a 10% per hour increase of calories burnt if they were sitting on their a** watching TV and far from the 300% per hour increase calories burnt speculated by sapolsky.. so the so claimed 6000 kcal a day is BS🤡🤡 . My links keeps getting deleted so here is the title of the study that : ‘The stress of chess player as a model to study the effect of psychological stimuli on physiological responses : An example of substrate oxidation and heart rate variability in man. ‘

  18. This 6000 calorie thing is the funniest misread myth ever created in human history and i love it XDD

  19. So basically if you hit grandmaster you unlock a new skill: You are now able to burn 6000 calories from outta nowhere

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