Chess Grandmasters Burn 6,000 Calories on Tournament Days

Taken from JRE #1434 w/Trevor Thompson:


  1. Playing go I can agree would be very mentally taxing at top level tournaments. I have played go for years and much like chess the abstract thinking and depth of multiple outcomes for a winning or best situation with the board is not only stressful but just nerve wracking as well.

  2. The chess players might simply be losing weight because of Adderall (to focus)

  3. Holy crap i can only imagine what happens when your constantly stressed out all the time.

  4. I used to play Tournaments, and I have to say. The butterflies and nervousness before a chess game is similar to before a fight, or before a football game. So I can see that for sure

  5. When I wear my Fitbit in classes like math, my heart rate increases to 150 and I burn a lot of calories because of that.

  6. No they don't it is completely wrong and false… In short bro science😉

  7. I tell people "I'm thin because I think a lot"

    "Oh come on, I think a lot too."

    "…i don't think you know what I mean when I say 'a lot' "

  8. Imagine to disable a bomb. Well…in high competition thats a move in chess.

  9. The brain actually uses 1/3 of the bodies caloric content so when you are exercising your brain that much it needs to burn more calories the same as exercise

  10. Makes sense, I have never seen a fat chess player

  11. US please catch up with the rest of the world and use kcal.

  12. A little advice just be bit away from Mike don't kiss it.

  13. I can't believe snopes hasn't something on this 6000 bit. I've done state-of-the-art engineering in extremely stressful situations where the solution has to be creative and has never been done before. Up against time and budget constraints. 80 hour weeks of racking my mind going through countless scenarios trying to find a solution. I absolutely do not believe the 6000. For starters, where did the heat go? Also, I hate to say this, I would question Sapolsky because his lectures are entertaining.

  14. Swimmers lose alot of weight because the body burns calories keeping the body temperature at 98.6. The average water temp is 83 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit.

  15. Very high iq playing against opponents in video games will do it, BTW don't play video games every second you waste playing games is a second lost doing what you really want to do with your life

  16. Joe… the weight we lose doesn't just disappear into the water or anywhere… When our bodies undergo tremendous stress we use all of our available energy, ATP. To replace that the body burns and turns fat into ATP or known as our energy source

  17. Finals in college (Biophysics major) always left me drained

  18. When I was studying for 8 hours a day in the Navy i would eat and entire box of goldfish for the glucose to keep going lmao. Brain power is no joke, cause brain needs power.

  19. I dont think this is true because calorie burning is directly related to oxygen perfusion, those guys arent out of breath are they. Chess is just stressful, those probably dont even notice they are not hungry with their stress.

  20. I don’t understand why people are surprised. Your brain takes 20% of your daily energy requirement.

  21. I burned 6000 calories playing Guess Who yesterday.

  22. i just wanna say Jamie is extremely underplaying how hard it is to play an hour of high level tennis if you're not a tennis player… i can relate the exertion to boxing… its a lot harder than it looks

  23. Eric Rosen (chess streamer) has a heart monitor when he streams. When he beat Hikaru in the Agadmator tournament, his heart rate was up to 180

  24. sometimes hunger can be mistaken for thirst

  25. F1 drivers i think are the highest in your list. They sit in the car but i think they lose 6 liters body weight. They are fysical and need to think constanty undere pressure haha.

  26. No they don’t. Show me one research on humans buring 6000 calories playing competitive chess? There isn’t. Sapolsky never published any research backing his claims. Here is actual research , which said that chess player expand 960 kcal in a 8 hours chess game. It’s used the calorimetry methode for it’s results and it is a 10% per hour increase of calories burnt if they were sitting on their a** watching TV and far from the 300% per hour increase calories burnt speculated by sapolsky.. so the so claimed 6000 kcal a day is BS🤡🤡 . My links keeps getting deleted so here is the title of the study that : ‘The stress of chess player as a model to study the effect of psychological stimuli on physiological responses : An example of substrate oxidation and heart rate variability in man. ‘

  27. If I sit around and do nothing all day I’m burning like 2300 calories but if I’m insanely hungover, that will increase up to 4000 sometimes. But that’s because my heart rate is all fucked up due to liquid imbalance from the alcohol in my system. I don’t know if my body is actually burning through so many calories. Maybe those measurements confuse physical actively with stress levels. Idk. I’m not qualified to give any form of educated answer

  28. You know what’s incredible how much burns off energy? Is listening to these stupid statements… It doesn’t work that way. At most you can burn of a couple of calories, not nearly enough to lose weight. The only way you’re going to lose weight while playing chess is when you get a nervous tick while playing it and the match lasts 8 hours. This is so dumb

  29. The fact that Joe believes this makes me question everything he has ever said about fitness. This is on the level of Mike Tyson saying warm water burns fat and cold water adds to fat

  30. I'll save your time. Thinking hard is not an effective way to exercise or lose weight. It barely outperforms just sitting still.

  31. "So what are you hitting today?"

    "Just training some chess"

  32. I think air traffic controllers probably lose a lot of weight too, and quite possibly super old retro games that are pattern recognition and reactionary timed base, dexterity games.

  33. Wow you didn't eat for 7 hours, try fasting for 7 days. First world problems!

  34. has any1 actually ever paid attention to biology past year 6 in school? any1 remembers what is the organ is the body, single organ using up MOST of oxygen and sugars?
    if you've missed it – it is Brains. by far topping any other organ. now PUSH that greedy organ to overclock and.. what do you get?

  35. Some of it may come out simply as heat, dead skin cells, vapour. Have you ever seen a candle burn? It loses weight but it mostly becomes vapour, heat and smoke very slowly.

  36. 1984 world chess championship canceled and renewed by FIDE referee because Karpov lost more than 10+ kg in a few weeks. This tournament is the most controversial tournament in world chess history.

    He loses more than 75.000 Calories just a few weeks.

    If you want to hear this story from karpov, I will send you the link of an interview.

  37. We evolved to sacrifice muscle mass and some other physical traits to have a larger brain. The brain is the most taxing organ when it comes to energy. In fact the brain is responsible for around half of all ATP/sugar energy consumption in the human body.

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