Chess Grandmaster: Women Are Worse Players Than Men

Chess grandmaster Nigel Short has been crtiticised for appearing to say that women are not as well suited to the game as men


  1. wow… Nigel Nigel Nigel… did he ever get married? He talks like someone that's still a bachelor? I hope he bought a fleshlight to keep himself company.

  2. Maybe its the psychology behind the rules of chess that defers women players.

  3. That's a hate fact. Those aren't allowed anymore. We banned those when we banned the word bossy.

  4. Its very simple to understand Women simply cannot play chess.

  5. Haha this is coming from a man who's been beaten by a woman

  6. The highest rated woman beats a man who is not the highest rated man and the Female Journalist concludes women are just as good.

  7. The best way for women chess players to demonstrate that they are the equal of their male counterparts is to be able to compete with them – something which they have continually been able to do ever since competitions began. At that we can either begin to work out the reasons why or else lie and pretend that the reality is otherwise. Short is in the former camp no doubt the right on media is in the latter. I would say that sexism is the sole preserve of the latter camp.

  8. men on the whole are more logical, they make better mathematicians, scientists, engineers, architects, inventors, chess players, Formula 1 drivers, pretty much everything other than having babies

  9. 1. Nigel Short is correct that the best male chess players are better at chess than the best female chess players. This is incontrovertible.

    2. Nigel is not a neuroscientist and is not qualified to opine on the attribution of this fact to differences in "hard-wiring" (whatever that is supposed to mean) of the male and female brain, relative cranium size, or proportionality of grey matter and white matter.

    3. Nigel Short has proven himself time and again, for decades, to be an incorrigible narcissistic sexist, racist, xenophobic hater of "others."

    One should have no sympathy for him as he attempts to hide his fat bigotry behind narrow factual reeds, as he attempts to do in this interview. He is not a social or physical scientist of any kind, nor is he even relevant as a chess player. He struggles so mightily to remain in the news because he is in fact a nobody.

  10. That didn't prevent Judit Polgar from destroying Short in 1994, and in 2003 on (17.5-10.5). Short did manage to fight back, but clearly she, during her whole career, was the far superior player. Just sayin'.

  11. It's just a fact. Just like computers are better than humans. Nothing else to add or to say.

  12. news channels like always showing some bullshit and hide some important events happened

  13. Well stated by Short. An old school guy who says it as it is. These times need more people like him.

  14. Yes, women are good at math, science and driving, but ONLY those who ARE good at it. Very few as the statistics say.

  15. It's ridiculous to say that women aren't as good at chess than men Because of sexism as if someone is forcing women to play certain losing moves in their games

  16. In the game against a young Judith Polgar, Nigel was made to look like an absolute fool. She suckered him in with a check attack, trapped his Queen and then counter-attacked. Like Polgars King, Short's brain "went for a bit of a walk" that day.

  17. I mean…he's right.

    There's a women's grandmaster rank for a reason.

    And a women's….everything else.

  18. At the end she said, "Well I don't play, but this will give me incentive and when I get good I'll come back and we'll have a game". That's a laugher because the odds on that woman coming back to beat Nigel Short in an actual time pressure game is probably somewhere between 100,000 and 1,000,000 to one odds.

  19. An old story,: Girks want to know what the boys are doing in the tree house and demand access to the treehouse. Get access, but demand a safe climb into the treehouse. Girls get in the treehouse and don't like what they see so make it more to their liking. Boys move out of treehouse and do something else. When treehouse falls apart, girls wonder what the boys are doing and demand access to the boys' new activity, which isn't safe enough for them AD NAUSIEM

  20. Funny at the end when she challenges him to a game. She thinks she can learn chess, get a bit of practice and then take on one of the world's top grand masters.

    Even a man wouldn't be able to do that.

  21. Fischer and Kasparov said the same thing must be true Bobby never lied

  22. Live, from pattaya, Thailands hooker city number one.

  23. 4:51, I think we'll be waiting a long time for that (basing that on her retarded comments)

  24. nigel short against the broadcaster in a game of chess = 4 move checkmate lol

  25. A clear indicator: Intelligent isn't the same than smart… By the way, he is loosing several times against women… LOL

  26. Judit polgar defeated this guy 6-0. I understand if magnus or levon or Kasparov or hikaru or vishy make a statement like that. But this guy?

  27. Brain stuff is nonsense. Women can be just as good if they want to be.

  28. Look up Nigel's record against female GrandMasters

  29. He was just beaten by a female GM from Russia, lol.

  30. Has anyone including Nigel ever considered that women are allways held back and are never encouraged to try to be the best they can be ? what if little girls had the same encouragement that little boys get routinely? different story I think …And Judit Polgar demolished this man in most time controls .

  31. It’s actually the crude reallity, its not sexysm

  32. This is a fact. I'm sorry for woman but is a fact

  33. Whats funny is Nigel loses to women all the time. Hes just a salty dumbass loser.

  34. Stating the obvious. By the way, Kasparov said the same thing.

  35. Agreed with Nigel, but having been demolished by an amateur female player from Jordan one time, who showed me checkmate in 18 moves, women chess players are very good at lateral thinking in a chess position.

  36. Honestly I think this is stupid, why does it have to be the battle of the sexes, can people not just play and enjoy the game.

  37. She’s triggered, the veins in her neck about to pop

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