Chess Grandmaster: Women Are Worse Players Than Men

Chess grandmaster Nigel Short has been crtiticised for appearing to say that women are not as well suited to the game as men


  1. Women think differently than men. One isn't necessarily better than the other. This game is made more for spatial thinkers. I'm not crying every night about it. There are more effective ways of measuring intelligence. I wouldn't waste my time.

  2. Bird: birds fly generally better than fish. Fish swimm very well.
    Fish: I beg your pardon?

  3. Easy answer: Men are more logical than women. Period.

  4. I think this ignorant journalist has never attended logic classes

  5. More lies from the main stream media as they ignore women like Judit Polgar.

  6. Who is this guy?… Is he even a real chess player or a paid actor since I have never seen him before.

  7. Womens feelings hurt too much to play chess

  8. Chess is a game of strategic manipulation tactics, which men excel at….also, this dude was beaten by a woman in '94, Judith Polgar.

  9. there really hasn’t been a women grand master? hmmm kinda says a lot? i mean doesn’t it

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