Chess Grandmaster: Women Are Worse Players Than Men

Chess grandmaster Nigel Short has been crtiticised for appearing to say that women are not as well suited to the game as men


  1. Nic (J Bruce Feynman Niccolo P. Bentulan) says:

    Remember this is the guy who had an issue with Wesley so's receiving help from God like it's cheating or something

  2. Nic (J Bruce Feynman Niccolo P. Bentulan) says:

    men players are better than women players, but it doesn't mean men are better than women when it comes to chess. there's some population sample size statistics problems here i believe

  3. Nic (J Bruce Feynman Niccolo P. Bentulan) says:

    2015 judit polgar and hou yifan
    2021…still judit polgar and hou yifan?

  4. Nic (J Bruce Feynman Niccolo P. Bentulan) says:

    i can't believe some of these comments here and the amount of likes they're getting. some people in comments completely underrate the role sexism/lack of feminism has to do with women's chess and women's sports in general and yet nigel short actually doesn't necessarily do this. (wait gonna find a timestamp…) ah here. see 1:10 to 1:20.

    i mean i'm not saying it's like sexism 99% and sex differences 1% but come on 99% sex differences and 1% sexism? not that anyone said 1% sexism though but whatever number they have in mind, i suspect it's lower than the real number. (then again, we'd have to do all that cramer rao lower bound on variance of an estimator and stuff to really check or something i guess.) but more importantly, i think it's lower than the number nigel short has in mind. basically

    their number/s <- is much less than <- nigel short's number <- is much less than <- the real number

    and even if nigel short's wrong, short does seem like the kinda guy (wait see note below) who would be wise or humble about the mistake like even happy to be wrong. meanwhile, lots of people in the comments sound like they would be outraged if they were wrong. idk. maybe i'm the judgmental one.

    Note: Then again, this is the guy who said Wesley So was cheating for praying to God/Jesus/the Holy Spirit/the Lord, soooo yeah….

  5. and theres no way that presenter went on to even try to learn chess, i promise.

  6. Dogmatic defensive feminist… she probably doesn’t even know the rules of the game.

  7. "Women Are Worse Players Than Men" … well, it's true. There have been 3 female players in the top 100 in history. Sorry if that is not pc. What is the next thing to get offended about, average height? Strength? Which sex is more agressive?

  8. Based. Vagina detected, opinion rejected.

  9. Why can’t chess just be something that anyone can do? People always ruin everything 🙁

  10. Why can’t people just enjoy the game?theres no need to be sexist

  11. Statistically, he's correct. As from other pov, I'm not sure.

  12. All of these people saying that it has to do with how girls are raised, rather than an inherent difference between males and females, look at the Polgar sisters, who were raised from a very early age to be chess players. Polgar has beaten Nigel, but she can't touch the men's world champion. She might win a game, but overall is dominated. There are actual differences between women and men, no matter how much people try to pretend it is down to environment.

  13. Didn't this guy loose by Judith Polgar?

  14. I believe men have better spacial awareness, it's from the hunting days. I'm sure women have things they're better at too, like cleaning and picking berries

  15. Every male player I know has refused to play against women… NOT!!! Plus, why don't women create their own leagues in order to beat men further down the line…?!?

  16. Women aren't as many as men in chess! It's numbers, men have more talent because more men are encouraged to play chess and therefore it would appear as if men are better at chess, meanwhile that is not the case, it's a social thing, we can't speak intelligently unless we have the same level of participation.

  17. Hot take :
    Chess player Nigel Short is an idiot who's only good at one board game.

  18. Christ the interviewer is so salty, calm the hell down and talk like a grown up.

  19. Update to 2022, Nigel Short lost to 18-year-old IM & WGM Nurgyul Salimova. In time, the tables will turn.

  20. lol she is in defence she is not rearing what he say because she is so much in defence

  21. This should be taken as an invitation for more women to learn to play the game. Not to abide by the interviewer's ignorance of the subject–"I don't play chess"–or even to defy this guy. . .but because it's a fun, beautiful game, and it's good for the mind.

  22. it's self evident. If women were as interested and as good at chess as men, they would have equivalent ratings. They don't and they aren't. What Short is saying is not controversial at all. But the female Sky interviewer comes across as quite prejudiced and quite stupid. Not a good female look at all.

  23. On a number of occasions, Nigel Short stood up for the rights of women, like he stood up for the rights of players in general. To name a few, he opposed having the FIDE Women's Grand Prix in Iran and then the Women's World Championship in Iran where even during play, all the female participants had to wear a hijab. He opposed having the World Rapid and Blitz in Saudi Arabia and managed to change the country in future years, where players from Israel were not allowed to participate. All he said was that women are DIFFERENT to men, and pure facts that in the top 100 players in the world, only 2 were female, Judit Polgar and Hou Yifan. This is a fact, not an opinion.

  24. How dare Nigel Short speak the truth based on facts. Now he's branded a sexist for simply stating what is common knowledge. Judit Polgar was an exception and she didn't last very long, because of her choice to raise a family. Woke culture is about telling lies to keep the peace.

  25. She is typical superficial idiot who thinks themself smart

  26. Irina Krush would be able to draw and beat him, and he could do the same back

  27. Es falso que las mujeres sean mejores usando las palabras porque entonces serían los políticos mas influyentes a lo largo de la historia.

    Todo lo que tiene que ver con la inteligencia depende del numero de neuronas y los hombres tienen billones mas por eso en todos los desempeños intelectuales nosotros somos los genios supremos, no pasa nada, ellas viven 5 años mas y se jubilan antes , la naturaleza es peor que Hitler , pero no hay que cargarse al mensajero.

    Nigel defendió fatal algo tan obvio como resultados matemáticos, cada vez que da un número en su relato , estas gallinas lo interrumpen, en un relato no puedes dar números , debes contarlo como un cuento para que estas tontas se callen y la gente no critique.

  28. So shes actively being agressive and still frames herself like the victom

  29. Somehow they’ll say that the game of chess was “designed” for women to fail 😂

  30. I really hate the interviewer
    She is clearly trying to get out words from the man which would sound offending

    Almost all the super gms even in this era are men
    And i don't think female oppresion is any significant reason( in this era I don't think anyone has the courage to do that)
    There are many other facters.

  31. Women think differently than men. One isn't necessarily better than the other. This game is made more for spatial thinkers. I'm not crying every night about it. There are more effective ways of measuring intelligence. I wouldn't waste my time.

  32. Bird: birds fly generally better than fish. Fish swimm very well.
    Fish: I beg your pardon?

  33. Easy answer: Men are more logical than women. Period.

  34. I think this ignorant journalist has never attended logic classes

  35. More lies from the main stream media as they ignore women like Judit Polgar.

  36. Who is this guy?… Is he even a real chess player or a paid actor since I have never seen him before.

  37. Womens feelings hurt too much to play chess

  38. Chess is a game of strategic manipulation tactics, which men excel at….also, this dude was beaten by a woman in '94, Judith Polgar.

  39. there really hasn’t been a women grand master? hmmm kinda says a lot? i mean doesn’t it

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