Chess Grandmaster Reveals Insight On Strategy, Capitalism & Russia – Garry Kasparov

Patrick Bet-David sits down with former World Chess Champion and grandmaster Garry Kasparov. In this interview they talk about his career, competing at the highest level for over 20 years and his opposition to Vladimir Putin and the Russian government. Let him know your thoughts about the interview on Twitter here:

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About guest:
Garry Kimovich Kasparov is a Russian chess grandmaster, former World Chess Champion, writer, political activist and commentator. From 1984 until his retirement in 2005, Kasparov was ranked world No. 1 for a record 255 months overall for his career.

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  1. Who that girl was who wanted to end communism in former usssr countries??? Or was it kasparovs words?

  2. In 100 years or 150 years, AI will do, mostly, all of humans’ tasks.

  3. I have to disagree with this guy… I don't think he really understands the potential of AI

  4. A world Chess Champion and a world class guest! Good move Patrick.

  5. Robots in hospitals? Ok. What about robocops, still ok?

  6. Many things just sounds like this is a scam.

  7. What is all this crappy video editing at the start?

  8. Garry is a brilliant mind. But history is history. America was built on slavery and exploitation of the weak. So was Britain. So it's not the case to say, it's built with freedom as it's core.

  9. One of my favorite interviews along side Kobe Bryant

  10. "I'm accustomed to people like you." WTF Patrick?

  11. 12:34 Patrick why didn't you say you're also half-armenian from Baku here? That's such an extremely rare thing to have in common with him! You just mentioned Baku & Iran but not your half Armenian side!

  12. Thank you Patrick for a wonderful interview with Garry Kasparov, I am like half a million Armenians who grew up in Baku and escaped ethnic cleansing in 1989, I am same age with Garry and lived in same neighborhood in Baky , we were very proud of him, since we have little computer knowledge , and he was the first to bring and open a computer school in the city of Baku.

  13. You talk about Regan he treaded workers in America like shit. You know people work out of fear and desperation not because they want to. Regan's union busting efforts made that situation even worse. Ya I'm willing to work at a shity job but atleast allow me to join a union nogsiate my wages and benefits and take responsibility for my life. Not become a slave to some big company that controls my life.

  14. The difference between making a decision or choosing….brilliant

  15. What a premonition of the actual situation omg

  16. This was one of my all time favorites to watch πŸ‘

  17. Patrick don't prepared for this interview

  18. That opening segment could cause you to have a seizure ! πŸ€ͺ

  19. Hi Patrick, I have noticed that you often take notes or read some notes during your interviews. It does not look very good from the spectator's seat, to be honest. You appear almost disinterested when you look down on your papers while your guest is talking to you.

  20. "If you're challenging your own excellence, you will never run short of opponents."
    "The moment you start enjoying life, you're done. "

  21. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  22. Both men's mothers were Armenians from Baku!!! What a pleasant surprise!!

  23. I like this guy and loved the conversation. Thanks Pat. This guy should come trade the stock market, he would be great at it. Everything he described in the game of chess can be applied to trading.

  24. A great video of the greatest of all time, Garry Kasparov! I'd like to see a similar show of Kasparov Against the World, I played in that one, in 1999!

  25. Ive seen cars stuck in the middle of a corn field because the driver was following the directions of a machine. This may be evidence that AI has a sense of humor

  26. Amazing video and thank you for breaking it down!! Despite the economic downturn, I'm so happy have been earning $ 60,000 returns from my $7,000 investment every 10days..

  27. Growing up this man was a hero to me. Not anything has changed

  28. Hm.. 21 years on top isn't too bad – but the record holder remains Emanuel Lasker (1894 – 1921).


  30. FUNNY how Kasparov who owes everything he accomplished in chess to the Soviet Union methods and systems of teaching chess, he is now publicy talking shit of his homeland which made him the famous chess player that he is now. Extremely hypocritical because of course America pays him well while in the Soviet Union he was playing for scraps, but he forgets that if he was born in his beloved free America instead, not only he wouldn't have been the greatest chess player ever but most probably not even a chess player in the first place. So i guess his agenda of ''capitalistic world pays me more'' has overwritten the reality of ''Soviet union gave me all the means to become a succesful chess player''. We need more dishonest people like Kasparov in this free world.

  31. Azerbaijan – Baku people respect him as Goat, Master. You both, Patrick, Garry has Armenian blood, but if you have any history with Baku our people will respect you all the time no matter you are Armenian and you see and describe us as your enemy and evil.

  32. Funny how turk/azeri agents lurking everywhere. She didn't want to fight the dictatorship in her country Azerbaijan but fighting against soviet that is already dead. Very amusing.

  33. Thank You ,this Great Interview, John Barnett ❀ 3 October 2033 revisited I Like This Mans Story, InHave All of His Books California Love Notes to Gary Dobie Wan Kanobie

  34. His Armenian mother was a beautiful looking woman. Gary is easier to listen to when he talks about his games, life philosophy and general thinking but he becomes almost fanatical when he talks about politics.

  35. Chess is solved. Superman Magnus coached and inspired by Gary have made standard chess a puzzle that gets solved quickly within time. Now The Genius of chess is Fischer creative of a new puzzle for chess that will make chess last for many more decades. 960 turns chess into a reality of great chess players competing who is better in moving chess pieces in 64 squares.

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