Chess Grandmaster Rates 7 Chess Scenes In Movies And TV | How Real Is It?

Chess Grandmaster Susan Polgar reacts to seven memorable movie and TV scenes featuring chess games and rates them based on their technical accuracy.

She looks at various scenes from “The Queen’s Gambit” (2020) and “From Russia with Love” (1963). Polgar rates the psychology of players in “X-Men” (2000), and “Queen of Katwe” (2016). She looks at the accuracy of opening moves in “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” (2001) and “Pawn Sacrifice” (2014). She also discusses the inaccuracy of TV chess boards, such as in “Friends” (2003).

Polgar was the women’s world chess champion from 1996 to 1999. In 1991 she became the third woman to be awarded the title of grandmaster by the World Chess Federation (FIDE), and she has won 12 medals at the Women’s Chess Olympiad. She is currently head of the Susan Polgar Institute for Chess Excellence at Webster University and has served as co-chair of the FIDE Commission for Women’s Chess.

Find out more about the Susan Polgar Institute for Chess Excellence here:

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Chess Grandmaster Rates 7 Chess Scenes In Movies And TV | How Real Is It?


  1. Was really hoping they would do searching for Bobby Fisher from the 90s

  2. "I broke the gender barrier gap in chess" meanwhile every person she analyzes from real life is male and there has STILL never been a female chess champion…..I like her but the woke culture has ruined our collective understanding of what words mean

  3. When did Judit Polgar turn to Susan?

  4. 'broken the gender barrier' didn't know that was a thing?…either way she is shit hot at playing chess!

  5. I really wish these videos were not recorded on a calculator but an actual camera. The video quality and especially the sound are just horrible.

  6. An excellent post, I really enjoyed Susan's analysis of these movie scenes. 👌

  7. Insider you have over 6 million subscribers send your interviewees a proper webcam!

  8. Sacrificed the queen, which is very unusual
    Carlsen: Observe

  9. It’s hard to fathom the way her brain works.


  10. I got triggered when she tipped the king. Ma'am that is a surrender.

  11. Susan is a legend. One of my idol back in those days.

  12. Susan was a coach at my college Texas Tech. She was pretty cool and we even played a few times. She won all of them lol. But I learned a bunch

  13. lol how you gonna be Prof. X at a game of chess?

  14. The episode of "Bones" where Sweets plays chess most of the show should have been included.

  15. Watching this…remembering I did not play in a long while…started a game with Isabel bot…made 5 mistakes and 1 blunder..still got 3 crown win…got back to the video:P

  16. I watched this so she can review Queen's Gambit XD

  17. I would have loved to hear her thoughts on the end of Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows.

  18. I'm not a chess expert, but I feel like she missed the point entirely when it comes to the X-Men scene. From the reason for the colours, the setting, the conversation and ultimately the overall relationship between Charles & Erik, it all seems lost on her. I get it's her main priority here, but she basically looked at it from a competitive point of view, rather than the actual story being told.

  19. Breaking a (gender) barrier is an amazing achievement on its own.

  20. The ridiculous staring contests between opponents in The Queen's Gambit totally ruined any illusion of realism for me.

  21. Was hoping there's gonna be Sherlock Holmes and Moriarty from 'A game of shadows'

  22. loves how she looks at the Harry Potter scenes and be like, "these are just normal starting moves"
    so chill

  23. Absolutely fascinating. Make a movie about this ladies career.

  24. I got a laugh out of her mentioning "we can watch games live on the internet" since it was basically the only moment the video feed went bad.

  25. SUSAAAAAAAN!!!!! 😻😻😻😻😻

  26. Insider hasn't done an education scenes review yet? They must not seem to think teachers are experts. I made an OC video to breakdown the realism in teaching scenes to show the profession some love.

  27. 3:48 Bruh, the division get wider, I myself stopped right there. Never come back. Thank you for the explaination regardless.

  28. @13:50 In the X-Men scene, Professor Xavier captures Magneto’s knight with an illegal pawn move.

  29. I can't believe some of the older movies with chess were overlooked.


  30. The bit about resigning with 5 or 6 moves to go-I have played games where my opponent had 2 queens at the end and I still won. Masters and Grandmasters play by the book so alot of their games are predictable. Thats why Fischer was so good-he didnt play by the book. It throws off a textbook player if you dont play by the numbers.

  31. to be fair, joey and phoebe acknowledged that they're playing chess their "own way" lol

  32. I expecting Judit, but Polgar sister are always queens of chess

  33. I love this clip. While I am no means a pro, I have played chess enough to know about the psychological aspect of the game. And it is thrilling, I love playing this game. I wish they would've covered the Game of Shadows scene as well, because that scene depicted a style of chess not seen in the modern world all that often. And I also think that chess moves need to be clearly seen an setup in films so that people can follow very easily. Case in point The Philosopher's (Sorcerer's) Stone where you can't really see all the pieces or exact positions.

  34. Claiming to be a "5 time Olympic gold medalist" is a bit of a stretch… chess isn't in the Olympics.
    She actually won the "Women's Chess Olympiad".
    I say this as an actual 2 time Olympic gold medal winner… based on me winning my middle school "Math-olympics" twice.

  35. i love chess but her bad english made me leave this video :/

  36. Susan is a legend just for breaking the chess men's world.
    Proud to be hungarian along with GM Benko (RIP) and GM Richárd Rapport.

  37. The see-through glass chess set in X-Men is to avoid someone smuggling a piece of metal in a chess piece into Magneto's cell.

  38. Magnus Carlsen kritizálta a sorozatot, mondván egy profi sakkozónak nem kell a mennyezetet bámulnia, hogy fejben lássa a táblát. Nyilván ez így van, és ő egy kiváló sakkozó, de nem filmes szakember. A film készítőinek ki kellett találnia valamit, hogy ezt a mentális erőfeszítést megjelenítse a képernyőn, azért hogy a laikus nézők tudják, hogy nem csak bambul maga elé, vagy ki tudja mire gondol Beth. Lehet kicsit hatásvadász megoldás lett ez a mennyezettel, de én nem tudom hibának tekinteni ezt a szellemi kivetülést egy vizuális műfajban. A döntő meccsen meg azért kellett felnéznie a mennyezetre, annak ellenére hogy ott volt a valós tábla a szeme előtt, hogy egyértelművé váljon, hogy tisztán (drog vagy dopping mentesen) is működik nála ez a mentális képesség és nem csak a szer hatása miatt nyerte meg a korábbi meccseit.

  39. The finale episode of Queen's Gambit has Hikaru Nakamura stated as not everything is stated is in real life, but they do it for good TV. Draw when losing is a boogeyman's scare, and most GMs just give brief handshakes and then move on if anyone resigns or a draw is declared. And in tournaments, chess is also a quiet game like golf, noise can distract the players, especially when other matches are in play and the cheer can be disruptive.

  40. I have no idea what’s going on I’m chess but damn do I respect the intelligence and memory to be that good

  41. I have seen a game where someone lost a minor piece in the first 10 moves ( lost, not sacced,) and they resigned. Probably partly in disgust. But it's probably hard to win a knight or bishop down, when there's no compensation.

  42. In most movie scenes the actors moved the pieces in clumsy ways like no experienced player would ever do. Highly unrealistic, and I wonder why Polgar didn't point that out.

  43. You know that Kasparov was an adviser in this series?

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