Chess Grandmaster Garry Kasparov Takes on Hearthstone

Garry Kasparov is considered the greatest chess player the world has ever seen. But 25 years ago, he lost to an A.I. opponent. Here, he takes on Hearthstone for his chance at revenge.

Explore the human side of digital card games in this mini-documentary following the chess champion’s journey as he prepares for a different kind of showcase match. Prepare your brain for battle, and learn more about Hearthstone at

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  1. Chess is more fun.. no OP DECK, no IMBALANCE, no NERF update… you learn chess OPENINGS and you can still use it even after years without nerfing it..

  2. wish we could have actually watch the games lol

  3. understanding the actions of 6 pieces is quite different than knowing all possible combinations of interactions between hundreds of cards… no doubt he will master it though.

  4. Hey Blizzard, Hearthstone players are smarter than this video. But nice try.

  5. If all best 10 played cards were nerfed each week and the 50 no played cards upped each week , there will be more possible decks in meta and meta would change every week. There will be no more only 4 or 5 stupids decks in the meta.

  6. How to win in Chess: Skills
    How to win in Hearthstone: Praise Yogg

  7. 1:01 Yeah, you just need to grind weeks to months for an actually good deck. Then you're good to go, Garry! Kapp

  8. 1:55 Or just play rez priest and never deal any actual damage, only mental damage.

  9. 2:50 is me all day long getting disconnected from mobile. fix the game

  10. Nobody can master this game … it's pure RNG nonsense …

  11. сравнивать эту еб** рулетку с шахматами , это тот еще маразм . вы хоть пробывали играть в свою х***. где только решает удача когда даже босс из приключаения вытаскивает именно те карты из 40- 500 которые контрят твою деку, и почти каждая попытка будет такой. если heartstone является наилучшим представителем в категории кки то этому жанру пиз*

  12. Bully Hunter's extreme cringe debut was more convincing then this.

  13. 00:55 More dificult for machine to master the game? Not really? Its barely realtime, it has lower number of hidden information, doesnt have much more posible outcomes, its not even teambased.

  14. This game is never f'n lucky, ask Kripp when he goes second… smh

  15. Wow, you failed editing so hard, that just filming him with stable static camera would be 100x times better.

  16. Remember Blizzard was always wealthy, but now they have (or will have) Microsoft money….like satellite, country and moon -buying money.

  17. Not sure the point of this video. 99% hype…1% drama.

  18. It could have been really interesting. It wasn't x')
    Stays too much on the surface for something that is designed to make you expect the opposite

  19. she had the gnome and crocolisk?? thats some real handicap

  20. You cannot compare Chess and Hearthstone in any way, other than two players playing against each other. Unless they're playing Quest Mage or Quest Warlock. Then it's one player, playing against the RNG of their draw, while the other player gets mad.

  21. Gary try to play Elder Scrools Legends its harder then Heartstone.

  22. this unbelievably out of balance "game".Face meta all the way

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  24. Everything about this video rings of falsehoods to me.

  25. Hearthstone and Chess are not comparable. Hearthstone is luck based, especially when you play Best of 3.

  26. So blizzard payed Kasparov for advertisement and pr reasons. Ight.

  27. Imagine his first time going against an OTK deck ☠️☠️☠️

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