Chess Funny Moments 🤣♟️

Chess Funny Moments 🤣♟️

Made a short meme video about an interesting line that comes from the Fried Liver Attack, which is called the Traxler counterattack. Enjoy the video!

Name of Chess Streamer:
-Magnus Carlsen
-Hikaru Nakamura
-Alexandra Botez
-Andrea Botez
-Eric Rosen
-Garry Kasparov
-Anish Giri
-Aliza Firouzja
-Daniel Naroditsky
-Robert Hess
-Nemo Zhou
-Anna Cramling

“The beauty of chess is it can be whatever you want it to be. It transcends language, age, race, religion, politics, gender, and socioeconomic background. Whatever your circumstances, anyone can enjoy a good fight to the death over the chess board.”

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  1. I feel sorry for this guy. So delusional.

  2. I know everyone’s going on and on about how the photo looks pretty cool, and it does. Did anyone else notice that it looks like he’s drinking water out of a shot glass

  3. I hope that Magnus doesn’t start to identify as a woman and get together with this dude

  4. these bipolars needs to keep their other personalities off the internet and defo stop colabbing with them

  5. for all you that are non grandmasters of the chess world, you can still beat your girlfriend. society wont take too kindly to it though

  6. Bro why does the guy in the first clip look like Walt Jr.

  7. He looks like the mockumentary version of Magnus Carlson

  8. Dude you seriously look like Jordan Forrest

  9. All he did was change his clothes, look at her and play pawn e4 any experienced player knows that that means absolutely nothing about what’s gonna happen in the game 😭

  10. He lost, why he playing on the white side?🤔

  11. If I see a comment saying "women ☕" istfg ill go insane-

  12. can someone give me the source of the picture? it looks sick

  13. I always beat my bf at chess even tho he’s the one who taught me how to play😂

  14. But the He woked up from the dream and remembered he doesn't have a girlfriend

  15. When I realized the towel was supposed to be hair I died laughing plus the sick em track…love it

  16. Bro I love how people like the same low effort video repeated 1000 times

  17. My man didn't lie when he said "give me a second"

  18. Primero, visto antes poco, como ahora

  19. Who's the guy he's imitating? At first I assumed magnus but now i know it ain't I'm confused

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