Chess Amateur vs Professional: The Difference

Dina (@TheBelenkaya) is a Woman Grandmaster and a professional chess player. In this video we show the difference between her and Andrea’s approaches when it comes to analyzing the same chess position. Drop a like and let us know in the comments who you’d like us to do this content with in the next video!

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  1. Very insightful! More teaching lessons with Dina please!

  2. Dina looks like the female villain in a spy movie.

  3. Dina's awesome, surprisingly kind and gentle in this video though – I'm not sure what's going on?? It's impressive to see the difference and having the thoughts and reasoning explained so clearly is really impressive!

  4. Andrea: “…Maybe we shouldn’t give up so easily in life. THAT could be the lesson from today.”

    Dina: “Just play the game.”

  5. dina is too hot for me to focus on what she's saying

  6. I never watch these vids, but this was a great vid!

  7. That was amazing, there were so many cool plans and ideas I never would’ve thoughtve

  8. You are amateur even in the amateur world hahaha.

  9. that was actually great! nice to see you making up with Dina since your fight!

  10. She is seeing 4, 5 moves
    Me: I saw only how to not get checked

  11. Awesome video 🙂 I don't think Dina needs subtitles. I am not even a first-language english person, but I hear and understand her completely fine 🙂

  12. Part 2,3,4…, please! These "boring" positional lessons are so much more educational than tactics training.

  13. "If I wasn't overthinking"
    Proceeds to spaghetti words

  14. This is ridiculous how often you keep resetting the watched flag.

  15. Definitely continue with the educational videos! Entertaining and informative

  16. Debating if I'm more impressed by the beauty or the talent of these two women. With Dina in front of me, I'm up for any game but chess.

  17. I was trying to follow the explanation but kept getting distracted by something. Two things, actually.

  18. Dina explains the game like sher already played it.

    A good player figures it out as they go along. A great player already knows the ending!

  19. Just a question, their are so many other channels using your content, just wondering whether they are your channels or people making money from your content. Really want to ignore the fake ones. ty

  20. I'm a simple man.. That's why i clicked

  21. 0:11 ty for including that intro, the last time Dina was featured i had no idea who she was… 😳

  22. most excellent vid ladies. bring more, the stoic logic and the animated student, perfect combo to be both engaging and educational. good job, let's do it again. what was that position again?

  23. You guys should play against slaves in that slowly developing place called Dubai

  24. I've been a naughty boy and need to have my Chess moves disciplined by Mistress Dina

  25. Please do more of these, this was so sick even though I still know next to nothing about the game lol

  26. you lied to me i subbed and my chess rating went from 1 to -1

  27. I apologize ladies for my rude comments against one of your fans I hate it when people talk sht online I apologize sincerely from one of your biggest G zzishhh Fan 🌹🌹🌹♟️👑

  28. Andrea is so authentic and innocent kiddo)) Dina is so methodological and logical. You both are a fantastic combo – right and left brain together. Yes, keep going girls with this educational stuff. Love it. 👌

  29. I am falling hard for the teacher. Feminine, smart, and a very charming accent, specially when she skips the word "the".

  30. Something enlightening too was when she said its important to realize that, "I'm not thinking about it, I just know it" and then she points out the need to absorb patterns. Basically saying though there are some intuitive things, there are also bunch of academic things needed to really improve.

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