#chess 💥The top five chess players will make you see chess from another angle🤯


  1. I think the magician should be a part of the list

  2. I thought you would say hans niemann 🤣😂

  3. Where is Paul keres our country Estonia 🇪🇪 chess ♟️ player

  4. He died in 18 or 19th century something in the end of medvial time

  5. magnus is better because when magnus was a kid it was a tie. so magnus is better

  6. 1. Magnus
    2. Hikaru
    3. Gary Kasparov
    4. Bobby Fisher
    5. Vidit

  7. I live how he said Jose Raul😂
    Anyway, it would be awesome seeing these legends play together. Too bad that's not possible😢

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