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  1. He says that rook a3 is the best move, but that would be checkmate again anyways, right?

  2. The guy was working for a checkmate and was one move away

  3. “Are you stronger than a chess grandmaster” I mean I could win in a arm wrestle

  4. Dawg i havent even won against my friends once despite knowing how to play chess💀

  5. I know why it was a terrible mistake and I don't know why grandmasters blunder like this

  6. as a (seems like 500-800) elo player, i figured out the huge blunder and im proud

  7. Jan krzyfrod Duda its from poland i AM from poland soo

  8. Even if there wasnt a queen there to checkmate white, the attack would have still failed as there is a knight and a rook protecting those squares

  9. its even more immpressive beacause it was a pawn check mate

  10. He probably got something called chess blindness.

  11. Wouldn't moving the rook still be mate though?
    After rook a3 queen d2 is still mate, you won't have enough time to take the pawn
    Edit: Oh I'm an idiot, if queen d2 then you just take with the bishop

  12. Am i stronger than a chess grandmaster. Yah…probably. all you little chess geeks i used to stuff in lockers have tiny little bird arms. So my bench pr of 315 will most likely win

  13. I got it right!
    I’m not a 5 elo chess player,
    I’m now a 6 elo chess player!

  14. dont worry levy we know what you meant by mistakes like us 😭😭😭😭

  15. Not even i would make that mistake I’m only 1100

  16. Make mistakes like you😀
    Make mistakes like YOU💀

  17. I saw it before he started saying anything I was like wait black can get mate. I am a 300 😂

  18. The fact that when the timer goes off he just stares into your soul

  19. Bro i thought i would just take the queen until i saw the pawn

  20. Mistake: thinking the opponent is weak

  21. "Are you stronger than a chess grandmaster?"
    The glock in my pocket

  22. I found that in 2 seconds yet Im rated 800…

  23. What was he even planning? Can someone try to theorize on this?

  24. That’s the problem with pawns. I play a lot of games where people don’t pay attention to pawns unless it threatens a important piece or promotion.

  25. Hey I’m stuck at the rating 1000 how do I improve my mid game

  26. "Are you stronger than a chess grandmaster?"
    Punches the shit outta him💀


  28. I'll use this video to convince FIDE that I am actually a GM

  29. I also thought Bishop move… Now I am also grand master 😂😂😂

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