Can you play with TWO HANDS in Chess? #shorts

Is 1 second too less? 😆

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. And have a tilt xD trash boy dont have respect from rhe chess

  2. Rəxid kimi oynuyanda belə olacaq da necə əsəbiləşdime

  3. Kids trying to make a turn-based RPG game to a real-time ARPG 😂

  4. Since illegal moves only count when u get kicked out I’ll play king to queen first move

  5. Kid is thinking he is playing this game with his sibling at home 😂

  6. You cannot use two hands because in a situation where you are losing, you can slap your opponent with the free hand and make them dizzy which will cause them to blunder.

    That's just legitimate Chess rules under 6.9(c)

  7. I think that kid cheated a move, didn't wanna get caught so he did that on purpose

  8. full grown man complains about a child not knowing a rule not even the officials knew existed

  9. Boy rly couldn’t move one hand. So clumsy. Also he should realize he’s playing chess not performing a quick draw . The amount of time you’re given is plenty to play the game 🙄

  10. I like Chess ♟️ without the clock ⏰

    Is that possible ?

  11. Chess players when a 5 month old infant doesn’t know about rule18 1928a 18826b ( you can’t shit and cum on the same move) : 😡😡🤬😡😡🤬🤬😡

  12. It's too stop people stopping the timer before they've finished moving

  13. Playing with hands is not an illegal move then bro laughs
    The opponent walks off

  14. If that rule is not implemented then jst imagine evry1 would hav one hand on d timer and the other on play ….😆😆🤣

  15. If I'm correct it's only illegal if take with one hand and move piece with other hand or if castle with 2 hands

  16. Kid that’s why you should be in freaking school 😂😂😂

  17. This kid is so bad at chess,why he's not trying to be more skilled

  18. “Playing wiz two hanz iz not an illeagel move”

  19. People who play with two hands is such a annoying person

  20. In the other side billiards or snooker game is going on.

  21. Imagine losing on time after using illegal techniques that are meant to save you time

  22. He was going to lose anyways. But yeah they should practice using both hands now 😂

  23. Shouldn't when he stopped his time 2 seconds are added as in most matches? He accomplished this the first time before going to zero but 2 seconds were not added.

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