Can Mittens Defeat Stockfish?

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0:00 Intro
1:28 Game 1
12:30 Game 2

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  1. white




  2. Stockfish: AH HA! I predicted your move!

    Mittens: HA! But I predicted your prediction!

    Stockfish, but I predicted that you’d predict my position!

    Mittens: HOWEVER!

  3. i have no idea what just happened but yeah what he said

  4. So what ever happened to alphazero I remember a while back it beat stockfish a couple times or something.

  5. Stockfish pulled Mittens into the ocean

  6. Stockfish is a gentle, caring, Guardian God while Mittens is a deranged, uncanny, Destruction Devil, both of equal powers but oh so different intentions

  7. Mittens: You cannot defeat me 😼
    Levy: I know but he can
    (Enters the Stockfish)

  8. Wait, so Ik alpha zero beats stockfish 8, but does it beat stockfish 15?

  9. but why did stockfish get a rook instead of a queen at the end? it probably makes no difference but if so why not the queen since it made no difference anyway.

    Bow down to the almighty fish though. If we ever get somehow get a better bot it should be a lobster as everything evolves into lobsters eventually.. maybe. Monkey lobster would be one hell of a sight

  10. 5:23 does anyone notice the pawns on mittens make a sad face

  11. “Devotion inspires bravery…”
    Rook to H7

    “Bravery inspires sacrifice…”
    Rook to H8

    “Sacrifice leads to death…”
    Rook to B8

    “So… feel free to go kill yourself.”
    Rook to G8

    -Stockfish to Mitten, circa. 2023

  12. 3:30 g5 seems like something I would play if I got into that position to be honest

  13. How is mittens that good I check mate or stalemate with mittens

  14. legit right after he said “Stockfish plays the MOST DISGUSTING IDEA OF THE VIDEO,moving the king.” at 16:12, a relief pain medicine ad pops up

  15. The prey feasts on the knowledge of a mere feline

  16. The irony of a fish absolutely slaughtering a cat…

  17. One time I had 5 missed wins against mittens, does that mean I’m good or bad?

  18. What happened to Mittens is what happens to black kids of USA when they diss their mom.

  19. I was told Pollock is cat food well here mittens was fish food.

  20. Never thought I'd see a dude freak out so much about chess but ok

  21. It's 🦈 vs 🐈 (shark vs cat) and now what it happened 😇
    Edit : The commentary is just 🔥🔥🔥🔥 super perfect for Chess

  22. i played 1 unseen trap in my channel you cn watch it

  23. That endgame in the second game was crazy omg

  24. Stockfish is Magnus Carlsen of AI bots😂🔥

  25. In another youtuber's video He had Stockfish on different elo ranks therefore different power levels to fight Mittens. He figured out that Mittens' true elo is in between 2800-2900, as at 2900 elo Stockfish practically beat Mittens every time, but 2800 elo, Mittens was still able to somewhat defeat Stockfish.

  26. Stockfish is the one true king of chess. He will not be overthrown. Long live the king.

  27. That video was so fun I had so much fun watching it

  28. I love how stockfish use rook to make mittens suck Her own tail

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