Can Magnus Carlsen do this? #shorts

Pawns listen to the GOAT

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. I love how happy magnus always looks, he seems like a really humble guy for being the top rated chess player in history

  2. The Waffle House has found it’s new host

  3. I’ll not watch a video from a creator for like 2-3 days and they might never be recommended for me again for weeks or months

  4. I love how magnus is forced to moved that specific pawn.

  5. I don't understand b4 for White is right move why so 🤔 confused

  6. Mark Cosmic * High Quality Productions * says:

    Didn’t know they had big chess championships in Kazakhstan

  7. Whos the guy that moved it for carlsen? A sponsor?

  8. I love seeing such a casual interaction between grandmasters

  9. Plot twist : Magnus won that game 🔥🔥😁

  10. This dude face makes me wanna mold it some more like play doh

  11. мә Карлсен Қазақстанға келіп ойнаған ба😯😯

  12. the way he looked forward and smiled after moving the pawn,, as he is the girl flirting her boyfriend

  13. I heard this chess grandmaster is so good, he can checkmate you before you even realize you're in the game #mindgames

  14. Pawns respect for the goat,they move backwards

  15. he can even move the played pawn forward xD

  16. En el ajedrez no hay movimientos malos son estrategias…..espera ese peón noooooo

  17. giri taught carlsen, pawn can go back 1 square
    what a legend

  18. He surely would've won nevertheless

  19. After this heavy work day, I want to become the rich fat asian kid near carlsen…

  20. Ok I don't get it can someone pls explaine 😭😭

  21. These 2 would bully if there was someone other than Magnus

  22. The one sqiare that giri said its actually really funny cause giri lost to an indian to guy to 1.b3

  23. Love the Rapport!! Also, I Love Richard Rapport❤

  24. Magnus: I didn't touch it

    Also Magnus: But I will 😈

  25. So funny and warming see anish and dubov teasing magnus. They play tournament not in high tense, but more relaxing manner.

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