Can Magnus Carlsen do this? #shorts

Pawns listen to the GOAT

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Such a rare video, Giri Dubov teasing Magnus

  2. Ugh the comments why did I even come here 🙄
    Great clip though

  3. Sometimes Magnus's body language is like Ragnar Lothbrok's.

  4. Youtube Experiment - Davit Barabadze says:

    I so happy he won Mr Dodgy invitational

  5. Hahaha. Almost better than Kramnik shaking his waterbottle.

  6. The irony is that the notation would be exactly the same since you don't write down which square the piece came from. So regardless if the pawn moved from b2 or b4, the written move would still be just b3

  7. Magnus be like:
    Call it a blunder but not by me.

  8. suprise everyone there 😁

  9. He actually can change it , i guess. There is a game where a high official made the opening move to a certain chess game and it was the worst possible opening move , so the player changed it . There is no law against that . Correct me if I'm wrong

  10. I’m confused, what’s going on here lol

  11. The inaugural move is just for show and done to bring in viewership to the event. "Taking back" the opening move has been done before and is allowed as most of the time the celebrity/important person or whatever doesn't even consult white on what the opening move should be.

  12. Hats off to the gentleman for playing the strongest move ever..
    Agadmator would be proud

  13. he seems so happy with himself after he moves it back one square

  14. i don't understand, how come people not playing the game are moving the chess piece as the first move? i am new to chess

  15. The Goat can do what ever he wants

  16. The amount of respect Dubov has to Magnus, Giri has to Magnus, and Magnus has to them. These legendary players are so amazing to watch and witness.

  17. So the man from the stuff does the first move on his own? What a stupid tradition

  18. This is definitely one of the moments in chess history!

  19. Nah, people like that gotta stop bro like it's a competition for the world Championship, if they lose because of that single move it's annoying and irritating

  20. This was the moment the Guy who posed for the opening move realised he will go down in History who will be Roasted in the world of Chess.

  21. His opponent prolly called a ref over

  22. I love all 3 of them. Dubov has been my new fave, he’s just got that swagger and vibe to him

  23. Of course he can! Some arrogant official cannot make an idiot first move for Magnus.

  24. Ppl move pawns front

  25. why on earth wouldnt anyone play b4 on first move assuming that was b4

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