Can I Beat the Greatest Chess Player of All Time, Garry Kasparov?

I played a game against Garry Kasparov on!

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  1. "+" bagging Kasparov for a game of chess
    "-" lying about not subscribing to The Economist due to "moving around too much", as if we were still in the XX century and The Economist wouldn't provide its content on-line if you subscribed 😉

  2. I remember growing up learning that Bobby Fischer was the all time greatest Grand Master winning all his championship games even against Spassky. If living, then I presume it is Kasparov.

  3. No worry Nemo.. Garry was simply lucky in this battle 😀

  4. I love how Garry was top of Nemo's search history and when she clocked it she smiled awkwardly hahaha.

  5. how do you have only 76k subs? While watching your content I was assuming you're close to a million atleast

  6. Hi Nemo I am proud of you 💯

    And you are so beautiful 😻😘

  7. "Let's hope I remember how to move the pieces" (G. Kasparov)

  8. "Greatest Chess Player of All Time"??? – Really? It looks like you need to study a little bit more Real Chess History because, in matter of fact, Kasparov is a great player, but very far away from being the greatest.

  9. nemo sry to say this but even if yu prepare any openings yu can't beat him 🙂 no way

  10. How often to streamers cheat by looking at chat?

  11. I know that a lot of chess players that played Bobby Fischer, were already beaten in their minds.

  12. all i can think is, you must be pretty famous yourself, nemsko…to even get to do this

  13. Sorry, dear Nemo. Gary is not in the top 3 of best chess players of all times. He may be #4. The best is of course Bobby Fisher.

  14. Nice 👍 you are so good player ,
    If you analyze a little be more , probably 96 % you ll won .

  15. Someone still hasn't bought Garry a better mic?

  16. So hard to follow with those weird chess pieces.

  17. The G.O.A.T of chess the living legend Mr. Gary Kasparov!

  18. He said that out of courtesy … Not a single moment in the party – he was not in trouble … The system that black chose for Gary is "onion and water" and not trouble …! Because it is the so-called "HEDGEHOG SETTING" of black in which black has absolutely no problems to equalize the game …! White played … – very poorly …!

  19. Thanks for the video that was a fun game to watch great job.

  20. If I was ever given the honor to play Garry I'd brag to my grandkids and great grandkids into my final days!

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