Can I Beat the Greatest Chess Player of All Time, Garry Kasparov?

I played a game against Garry Kasparov on!

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  1. GARY KASPAROV IS BY MANY CHESS EXPERTS THE BEST PLAYER IN WORLD EVER …..but , what he said about Serbs from that moments he is " DEATH PERSON " ! I disrespect him since that day ! But …I leave it to Him to carry his own cross !!

  2. Lucky for you playing against the legend Gary Kasparov.
    You’re so cute & Pilate 🥰

  3. My favorite part of this video was hearing the two talking chess after the game.

  4. Very nice to see world champions playing short game and explaining the moves. Thank you for your effort. 👍👋

  5. This was amazing. Thank you for sharing this

  6. He still got it. I've heard chess players getting older don't loose their edge because the brain gets slower, but because they can't justify to themselves spending all that time on chess anymore. With less time left.

  7. if you want to beat the greatest player of all time you have to beat magnus lady. Gary is not even top 10 and i mean his prime against the top 10 today

  8. i can easily beat kasparov blindfolded. he plays sour

  9. Hey, you forgot basic tactics BF1 – C4 was the move pinning the rook; with maybe exchanges on the D file with your Rook or Queen. Anyway well done Keep up the good work Kind Regards

  10. wait omg au5 activate is the intro song i love that song

  11. Has Nemo changed her public image/persona for marketing purposes?

  12. I enjoy watching your shows, but thumbs down for hosting such a political monster. Could you imagine being banned from some tournament for belonging to the Chinese ethnicity?

    From an article:

    "Chess grandmaster Garry Kasparov criticized Novak Djokovic for supporting Russian players in light of their Wimbledon participation ban, calling it a case of 'social dullness' on the part of the Serbian tennis superstar. The legendary chess player slammed Djokovic's continuous support for Russian players, who Kasparov believes should openly condemn Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

    This is not the first time that Kasparov has spoken out against Djokovic's views on the matter. He had earlier responded to the Serb's statement that Russian players, the likes of Daniil Medvedev and Andrey Rublev among others, should play because they enter tournaments based on ranking and not nationality, terming it "especially inappropriate."

  13. I see. So this is where that "beginner" short came. Kasparov is actually explaining the position humbly. Great game.

  14. For first 2 minutes u don't care about Chess at all… U more focus on be celebrity then chess player…

  15. You can't beat the greatest chess player of all time because Robert Fischer is dead.

  16. How many times do any of us ever get to play a GM who will be known throughout chess history for ages. You have already won just making your first move.

  17. lol Kasparov in losing position.. monkaS Wokege

  18. amazing how youngins on socialmedia reignited the public chess scene

  19. Wow, nice game! Even with mistake he was overpowering.

  20. Wow you played with Garry. Wow that is amazing. Congrats. It is not about the result it is about the experience. Congrats!!!!!!!!💪💪💪💪💪💪👏👏👏👏

  21. The Economist is a British propaganda publication.

  22. I like the former chess champion bit. it's true . anyway brilliant chess channel. Much love from Kuvukiland

  23. Nemo should be proud of herself to keep herself from trashtalking Kasparov 😂

  24. White being black ( A 1) pawns are illusion of going against self(A 2)

  25. That was so fun to see not only Garry and hear his nifty analysis at the end but also playing his favorite Sicilian defense he's been so successful with for so many years he might as well have invented it. WoW! I am thankful a WGM like You can take it to him as I am just an amateur chess player and lifetime chess fan! I could never even sit down with legends like him at a chess board but he will always be fun to watch and hear what's going on with him! Great fun game!

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