Can Gotham beat Vishy Anand Bot?!

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It is Vishy Anand’s Birthday today so I decided to play against his bot on Two very fun games, one in a Queen’s Gambit Declined and another in a French Defense.

0:00 Intro

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  1. Pov: you realize that your birthday is in december 11th too and you just started to play chess
    I know what I must do

  2. Can u remember your own bot… its not exactly like you and u play better than your own bot… similar case with vishy bot

  3. You could have fork the king and rook

  4. 4:49 I'm not very good, but i would have played bishop A4 to kick out the knight, what do ypu think of that move?

  5. Why did u bring a knight instead of a queen 🙄🤷‍♂️

  6. Why didn’t the Bot take the Rook with the King right away? Not to lose the castling right?

  7. After that Rook move, the Vishy Bot just crashed I guess.

  8. The last game was worse, but it did produce an win, so one defeat and one win.

  9. I’m telling you man don’t post it

  10. In 19:00
    What if you move bishop to h4 for not taking the rook and after capturing your bishop by his knight which was in f3 ,then you can save your rook.

  11. He could move the bishop on A4
    Therefore King wouldn't be able to catch roook and he would be safe
    If queen attacks the bishop then you can just move on b2

  12. At 20:15 it was made into he could have checked the king the the king would move a1 and then he could check with the queen and it was checkmate

  13. 24:23 rook cant take your pawn. if rook takes your pawn queen e5 check

  14. Gotham Chess you have taught me so much chess.THANKS!

  15. Can someone please tell me whether Bh3 is a good move to be played at 4:22 ???

  16. i am watching this after 2 years you are still talking about 6 months

  17. why didnt you fork the king and the rook with the knight in the start with which you could take his rook easily with that knight which you wasted by taking a knight of black

  18. Your pronunciation with Indian names is pretty good compared to other foreigners

  19. Bro please reply me bro india invented the chess

  20. Levy pls groww your full beard we wanna see that look pls 😭😭

  21. Levy : let's try to beat em
    Also levy : bruh 😅 so difficult

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