Can 5 Chess Players Beat A Master?

Five casual players VS one chess master. If they win, they get $5,000. If they lose, they have to wear ridiculous costumes picked by Alexandra. They are allowed to play together and will also have a MYSTERY lifeline. Drop a like and tell us in the comments what was your favorite part in the video!
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Video production by Vendetta Studios

Directed by David Lehre

Asst. Director: Kyle Schmidt
Editing & Post Production: Zach Gelwix
Lighting design: Will Chandler
Asst. Producer: Anika Khan
Camera: AJ Outloud
MUA: Kenzie Ellingwood
Photography: Hieu Cao
Executive Assistants: Rebecca Doyle & Veela
Written by Alexandra Botez, Andrea Botez, David Lehre

00:00 Intro & Rules
00:34 Meet the players
02:28 Game starts
04:02 Mystery Lifeline
16:00 Last words

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  1. It's fascinating the number of chess "experts" who don't know the rules of moving pieces. If you're lost, there's something called "International Rules of Chess"…😪

  2. Yea right, like they couldn't hear through those cheap Ukrainian headsets…

  3. The thumbnail reminds me of viral meme template 😂

  4. When they clicked the button,they didn’t play at all,they just watch😅😂😂😂

  5. Not even 2 minutes into the video and Kai is already the best character no questions asked

  6. I could be wrong but wouldn’t that not be a draw they would have won because no matter how she moves she loses

  7. lol the intros make them all feel so shady esp kai LMAO

  8. Why do men and women have separate chess tournaments?

  9. Was That thumbnail on purpose? Or am I just that fucked up?

  10. That thumbnail is not doing you any favors. Like COME ONE!

  11. Youtube just shoved this video in my face. What they should be shoving in my face is how to spot corporate DEI propaganda.

  12. I think it was rigged. I'm not even a ranked player and I watched them literally throw the game, then talk shit like they weren't throwing it. They made the most rookie ass moves at the end. They had her, then threw it.

  13. The inhaling of one's own farts has never been conveyed so much in one video

  14. Looks like an intro to a Bangbros film with two chicks and five thirsty guys.

  15. Probably the most unhinged thumbnail I’ve seen in a while

  16. Great suggestion YouTube!! This was entertaining 😌 I don’t play chess but I’m sweating rn

  17. It was not a draw. Needed to move the king 2 squares in front their pawn and it was possible. Bunch of idiots including the "master" who didnt see it either

  18. Why Didn’t She Trade The Pawns On F4 And G3?
    Pawn Takes Knight Recaptures Bishop Takes, Queen Recaptures And Queen Takes

  19. Nah cuz next 5 ppl are Magnus Carlsen
    And me

  20. I want to see Alexandra Botez
    beat 5 guys… BLINDFOLDED.

  21. Why don,t the boys take the pawn to the end and spawn a queen

  22. No but 1 drunk blindfolded magnus Carlsen can beat u withing 5mins

  23. the 5 guys are so dumb they can check but they didn't see it

  24. Its was fixed match 🤣🤣🤣 we are not that fool

  25. They could use queen to check on me very quickly

  26. In last session, why the 5 didn't move the king instead of the bishop ? No draw if they move the king to the white one

  27. The five players should have forked the king and the queen

  28. I think the chess master knows rook mate and solved a problem

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