Can 4 Guys Beat A Blindfolded Chess Master? • The Try Guys: 4 Vs. 1

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Four average dudes vs. a master of chess in a battle of the wits! Can they beat #KurtSchneider at his own game?! …oh and did we mention he’ll be blindfolded? 😱♟️

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Chess Master: Kurt Schneider
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  1. Sexiest guest, judge, whatever they've had EVER. Yes, Ever.

  2. i keep forgetting that ned’s college friends are all yale graduates

  3. This is the first video with Ned that I have watched since the news dropped – and I wasn't sure how I would feel, but to be honest – I still enjoyed it, but maybe it's because Ned was actually focused for real in this video instead of trying to be funny.

  4. "this is probably the most intense try guys video we've ever done"

    me being here after the "what happened." video:

  5. Kurt is so hot. OMG. Him blindfolded, just doing something to me. God.

  6. i wonder if kurt predicted ned cheating on his wife

  7. This is unfair though. No one realized Ned cheated.

  8. What’s sad is that Ned wasn’t the least interesting try guy, none of them are boring actually, but ned was my favourite to watch in their serial works which just makes the disappointment greater

  9. Eugene calling the chess king a Jesus top🤣

  10. Ned is smart enough to tie with a chess Master yet wtf-

  11. I can be sure I can’t win in chess cause I can’t remember what happen few minutes ago

  12. Kurt Hugo Schneider is great. Him and Sam Tsui are so musically talented, I love listening to their covers and originals. Didn't know he was a chess player.

  13. This proves Ned is dumb in multiple fields. Tried to give a blindfolded person a handshake.

  14. I’ve watched Try Guys from time to time but I just had to share one thought. These videos are definitely entertaining but as a Christian, I’ve noticed that in a lot of the videos that the Lord’s name is used in vain. While we don’t share the same beliefs, I would just ask that you would minimize/refrain from using His name in vain. He is a Holy God and I cherish Him as my Lord and Savior. Again, just sharing my thoughts. Regardless, I pray that the Lord blesses and keeps all of you and that you would all ultimately repent and turn to Him! Jesus is coming back soon and above all else I would love for all of you to know Him as your personal Lord and Savior❤️. God bless you🤗

  15. Zach's hair looks insane here, omfg. good for him, the surgery really worked

  16. I love how that one guy prononces king as jesus

  17. Damn I love Keith he literally came up with a song about chess in no time!!!

  18. "Pawn to A4" two seconds later "I think I'm going to do the best today" xD

  19. lol again this is why they fired ned not because of cheating scandal. ned beat them in almost everything and they literally ousted their rival

  20. It looked like Kurt was trying different strategies/systems with each person, I don't know a lot about chess, but It looked like Kurt kind of did the London system with Eugene because of how their first move was

  21. omg is that kurt hugo schneider????? not only is he a music prodigy, he’s also a chess prodigy???? holy shit

  22. Tied a chess master but tried to shake hands with a blindfolded man

  23. Bro really said he's like a knight because he's tricky 💀

  24. Ned: “the knights are strong and ‘tricky’ just like myself.”

    That didn’t age well

  25. How unfortunate, this was one of my favourite videos

  26. Lol thats how Eugene acts if he is not the best at something for ONCE IN HIS LIFE

  27. Wait how was Keith's game checkmate like he could've taken the queen then the knight

  28. Pawn to A4 on the first move was genuinely painful to hear 💀

  29. I love the try guys however I am so not happy with Ned being in past videos still. But I can't expect them to wash him out of every video ever that's crazy. It was hard enough for them to get him out of the videos that already pre- recorded.

  30. "They're tricky, very much like myself" lmao

  31. this aged like spoiled milk-

    for those who don't know, they can't do this show anymore because it's not 4-1, it's 3-1

  32. "YAS QUEEN!"
    "Oh no Queen~!"
    My most fav lines ever LOL

  33. Still wondering a year later if cute Yale chess Kurt is single (I'm 21, I can cook, clean, and bake very well, I'm arguably smart enough to hold conversation, but still dumb enough to be entranced and amazed by intelligence)

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