Can 3 Guys Beat A Blindfolded Chess Master?

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#ludwig #brosvspros #gothamchess


  1. Why do all 3 of them look similarly, and there’s ludwig

  2. This man really looks like the guy from mogul mail

  3. 13:30 when he's like the queen is overloaded protecting both the knights, so he won't take with the queen– only for levy to take with the queen. and he realises the knights are defending each other😭

  4. I am still waiting for Blind not blindfolded.

  5. Putting a blindfold against your opponent who can name a move called the "fried liver attack" is doing nothing.

  6. Damn,and i couldnt even remember a tictactoe Board lmao

  7. 2:10 knight f6 so kings knight
    Proceeds to play knight c6

  8. Someone in chat saying “What’s the point in watch if strimmer cheat”

  9. Levy not knowing that Grey Goose is actually cheap vodka but they just market it as high quality lol Kettle is way better

  10. Atrioc is literally krillin. Definitely not the strongest member, but damn if he isn't a thorn in the opponent's side.

  11. The beginning was like: See, we got all of these advantages and we're still gonna f*ck up.

  12. How to get a draw / win against Levy: play two games at once. Just do the move he did on the other board every time. He'd be playing himself.

  13. Man, I cried the whole video, this guy makes me laugh so hard


  14. That was the most fun I've had watching a chess game, ever.

    Also, Levy going back through the whole game to find the missing pawn made my chess prowess comparable to the first minute of a new-born giraffe's prowess at walking.

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