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  1. @gotham explain the steps afterwards if the pawn is played for the queen defence

  2. Nah the best move in chess in getting the queen out at the star-

  3. And when the angels finally shut up, black plays f6

  4. The way his voice changed octaves when he said BISHOP G5 sounded like Mr.Crocker 💀

  5. Pawn to f6 is the best for black ? I think

  6. every video he starts with, "One of the greatest moves…….!!!!!!!!!"

  7. for those thinking he can block with the f7 pawn. he cant: after bishop h5 king is forced to move, and if he blocks with the g pawn there's a nasty fork coming with BxF6

  8. I enjoy this channel but the shouting runs me down

  9. Best move for black is Qc7, it forces white to retreat or queen trade.

  10. Am i dumb but why couldn’t black just push the F7 pawn to F6???

  11. F7 Pawn to f6 greatest move finished 😂

  12. What happens if black moves queen to c8?

  13. But that's so easy to counter with f6…

  14. what if we blocked the bishop with pown??? Do you still call that the best move an chess history???

  15. Can’t then I just move my queen to B8 and then we can trade queens

  16. Nah bro, queen goes to c8 and everything is gucci

  17. Some one please tell me what the background song is I’ve been looking for so long

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