Bobby Fischer’s Best Chess Game Ever! | Fischer vs R. Byrne – US, 1963 | The Brilliancy Prize

Here’s a review of a Great Game of chess played between Robert Eugene Byrne and Bobby Fischer in 1963 in New York, USA. This game was played in the US Championship & was awarded the Brilliancy Prize at that time. I believe this is the best game of Bobby Fischer, even better than his ‘game of the century’. Let me know what you think.
Robert Byrne was playing with the white pieces & Robert James Fischer was playing with black pieces. The opening played was the King’s Indian / Grunfeld Defense. This game has an exciting story behind it. Fischer was on a roll – such fierce determination to play for the win, even with the Black pieces, is a Fischer hallmark. 20 years old, Grandmaster Robert James Fischer was already among the world’s very best chess players. In this brilliancy, Fischer demonstrates how to inject multiple imbalances into a highly symmetrical position, how to properly highlight these differences to benefit from it, and how to accurately assess the true value of the pieces as they rest on the chessboard. By the way, I also have a chess puzzle for you all, let’s see if you can solve that.

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  1. This is the game. if it's reasonable it will believe, if it's not reasonable couldn't believe this is the basic things why Afton telling same story?

  2. knight to b 6 is checkmate beacause if the b2 pawn takes it then its illegal move because of bishop on h2 and if it takes with a2 pawn then its illegal move because of the queen on a5

  3. Greek Gods are all beautiful.

  4. Great analysis and explanation. Also please could you do some chess 960 games

  5. Qxa7, Kxa7, rook a5, king b8, Nb6, and anything black plays, rook a8 is mate

  6. Move straight the queen and clean check ♟️😊

  7. Man, chess can be absolutely beautiful. This was a work of art.

  8. Solution to the puzzle:
    Qxa7 + KxQa7 ( forced ) + Rf5 x a5 ( forced check ) + Kb8 + Nc4 x b6 + any random move by black + Ra8#

    Explanation of the puzzle:

    In this puzzle, Queen sacrifices itself into the pawn sitting at a7 square and gives a check to the king at a8 square , king is forced to take that checking queen, rook comes to check black’s King by coming to the a5 square, king is again forced to go to b8 square, white’s knight jumps onto b6 square where it can’t be captured bcuz pawn at c7 square is pinned to the king due to white’s bishop nicely sitting on h2 square. Black eventually cannot prevent or save this checkmate so it makes some random move and then white’s rook on a5 happily checkmates the black King and then this sweetie is solved. 😅

  9. Why subtitles ? they hide the position on the board….not good idea

  10. I think Bobby Fischer already made a Brilliant move in that game

  11. hmm . i maybe 2 years late but here is the answer to the puzzle . Qxa7+ . king is forced to take and now Ra5+ and after Kg8 we play Ng6 and we are going to play Ra8# . pawn can't take the knight cause the bishop from octillion light years away pins the pawn to the king and black simply can't stop mate

  12. Puzzle answer:- knight b6 then queen a7 then rook a 5😊

  13. Bishop taking pawn then rook will recapture it then knight giving checkmate

  14. Puzzle
    bishop to c7
    Forced to move the black queen if pawn attacks bishop takes it if queen takes back knight takes it
    Then if queen moves to whatever place
    knight to b4

  15. I think Qxa7, Kxa7, Ra5, KB8, Nb6 with the Idea of Ra8 mate.

  16. Answer:- Queen 👑 takes the pawn and queen to A7 check
    Black king has two options
    1• C8 move 2• A7 move taking the queen 👑
    1• If black king place C8 move then he has gone next move that's a beautiful checkmate with queen to A8 😊
    2• If black king move A7 capturing the queen 👑 then we will play rook to A5 check
    Now , king has only legal move king to B8 then we will simply play knight to B6 giving attack the A8 square with both sides pieces and C7 pawn can't take the knight because he's pawn is pinned with our Bishop
    So , if he plays any move he can't stop the checkmate because if he plays anything so we will simply do a beautiful checkmate by placing the rook to A8 square 😊😊

  17. Best move is pawn b6 then pawn take b6 knight take b6 queen take b6 queen take b6 pawn take b6 then rook a5 and check mate

  18. Answers to puzzle
    Anything black moves, Ra8++

  19. Bhai…. Aapke vedio main subtitles chess board dekhne nahi detey.. Makes your vedios boaring

  20. what about knight to 3f blocking bishop and exchange queen

  21. Correction, this game was played during the middle rounds of the 1963-64 ( December-January) US Championship. This was not the last game of the championship.

  22. Queen sacrifice could be the best move

  23. Answer to puzzle is Qxa7 Kxa7 Ra5+ Kb8 Nb6 and rook a8 mate is unstoppable

  24. Q-a7 King-a7 R-a5 King-b8 Knight-b6 whatever black does its gameover

  25. Qa7+ KxQ Ra5 Kb8 Nb6 followed Ra8#. Is it correct

  26. Hy white didn't took the pawn at first chance, why he needed rook to support, he already had knigh,rook and queen on that pawn?

  27. horse to b6
    pawn takes horse
    queen takes a2 porn
    bishop a5

  28. Really good job on commentating this game. Impressive.

  29. But he missed an earlier move which would.have shorten the game substantially. Can you find it?

  30. in reality the losing move wasn't moving the King side rook, it was playing Bobby Fisher.

  31. Qxa7+, Kxa7, R-a5+, K-b8, N-b6, doesn't matter, Ra8++.

  32. If opponent played Ra1 to Rd1 at 3:16 then how can black play to win this game please make a video.

  33. Is this Bobby Fischer's Best Game Ever?
    What do You Think?

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