Bobby Fischer Was The Most Terrifying Chess Player

Hikaru gives his hot takes on’s list of the 5 most dangerous chess players ever:

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  1. Dam that Kasparov game was nasty, it seemed like there were so many forced moves at the end there

  2. "After the game everybody always had a way to beat me" – Tal

  3. Paul keres was the best player of all time. It's absolutely my opinion.. In the modern day computer analysis of all chess game is very helpful not only for all g.m but also average chess players..any one can analysis all that games which was played in 20th centuries. Now it is quite easy to say all of faults of all famous g.m,'s games but then it was too hard to solve that all chess puzzles which had been created by reputed g.m s…now a days Fantasy and magic of chess is the past chapter.. Creativity of mind is not found in the modern chess. memorization is the first priority in the modern chess game.. So chess has lost his fantasy and his hangover

  4. Alpha Zero is a human : there is too much beauty in his game ‼️

  5. Well, actually the most dangerous chess player was Alexander Pichushkin. He killed at least 49 people! Sounds pretty dangerous and terrifying to me.

  6. The thumbnail made me feel like he'd kill and torture those who'd defeat him XD

  7. My top 5 dangerous chess players:
    5. Lasker
    4. Alekhine
    3. Morphy
    2. Tal
    1. Fischer

  8. "What can I say guys, other than Tal just wasn't that good of a chess player" OMG hilarious! Nice one!

  9. Judith Polgar could also make this list, she's attacking too. And Tal has many games where's he's an amazing attacker. Head over to Agadmator's channel to see those games. The Tal saga

  10. Best boxers of all-time:

    5) Manny Pacquiao

    4) “Marvelous” Marvin Hagler

    3) Muhammad Ali

    2) “Sugar” Ray Robinson

    1) Atom from Real Steel

  11. >Tal just isnt a good player
    stopped watching this crap

  12. Why you are not coming chess Olympiad India 2022 ???

  13. 4:48 he moves his bishop there pawn takes bishop knight takes pawn check and the queen is threatened so he gets a prong king and queen king move obviously queen is taken

  14. 15:57 oh it put alphazero as number one. it's the trash variation of a good chess article

  15. Murphy was awesome , but " more " dangerous than Alekhine ? 😶

  16. Great, fantastic and immortal Bobby Fischer!!! Respect forever!!!

  17. Also Hikarus fetish regarding Shah its just nonsence. Shah is average top player for a few years, today well below average top players.

  18. I watch fights. There are boring champions who squeak out technical victories on points and then there are exceptional champions that take their opponents out. Bobby is so exciting for me to watch because he gives himself multiple ways to win- remains fluid- hes hard to plan against because hes not a rigid boring computer. He’s in a league of his own!

  19. Agreed. Morphy forever! Great tutorial GMHikaru

  20. Bobby was so good he understood that there is no challenge at his level so now he hates chess. I feel like if he started playing Magnuson and possibly lost to him or was challenged by him perhaps it would spark his love again

  21. Overrated player. Never defended his title and had several opportunities to do it. If he played against Karpov, we would have an objective picture about him. In this way, we have a myth, an idolisation and many speculations.

  22. Assumptions are Magnus and I are on the list 😂

  23. Real top Gs understand that xqc is the most dangerous player and certainly not alpha zero or fischer.

  24. The greatest masters have never played 🙂

  25. Hmm… derp yeah probably Tal as you can see him on the list already.

  26. Morphy really blows the whole "access to resources" argument out of the water since he was playing with engine like precision before people had electricity.

  27. the first american player to win a world championship

  28. It took 8½minutes for Hikaru to swallow everything he said about Tal. I wish the two could play today. Tal would demolish him!

  29. Top 5 greatest pitchers of all time:
    5. Cy Young
    4. Justin Verlander
    3. Clayton Kershaw
    2. Max Scherzer
    1. Pitching machine.

  30. Greatest lovers to ever live

    5. Rasputin
    4. Napolean Bonaparte
    3. Casanova
    2. Wilt Chamberlain
    1. Hitachi Magic Wand

  31. Yeah, Ivanchuk if not on the list has to be at least mentioned.

  32. I love how he doesn't go over the computer game. ❤️

  33. If they go for alpha zero and include computers then they gotta replace rest of the list with computers bc humans are nowhere near computer lvl

  34. But… "terrifying chess player" is like "most advanced prehistoric tribe". Still not very terrifying.

  35. Yurtaev, for sure, in this category. Still remember the BCM cover headline: "Yurtaev's incredible Queen sacrifice". I replayed that game was could not make sense of the sacrifice, but was satisfied to learn that neither could a bunch of GMs because truly there was no immediate tactical gain; just a positional attempt and a psychological suckerpunch. Yurtaev – look him up.

  36. The audacity.. What was the guy smoking go put a computer as number one he should be ashamed of himself

  37. I used to think that Fischer was by far the best taking into account the help that modern players have nowadays. BUT. that also means that the standards are at the highest they have ever been in 2022 (most likley give or take) therefore Magnus with his dominance is the greatest.

  38. Laker was accused of hypertension and mind-reader

  39. Pretty sure Hikaru made a swastika with all those orange lines in the first game

  40. OK Fisher was definitely better, but Tal on a good day would be absolutely the most terrifying person to try to play.

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