Bobby Fischer Was The Most Terrifying Chess Player

Hikaru gives his hot takes on’s list of the 5 most dangerous chess players ever:

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  1. I always liked Bronstein. Some his attacks are brilliant

  2. what is it with ppl and this Alpha Zero fetish?
    1)AZ is ancient….they made better versions of their zero algorithm
    2)SF8 is pretty ancient… they made better versions of SF

    I don't see anyone talking about that time SF beat Houdini back in 2016

  3. If fischer is no. 2 then no. 1 have yet to be born

  4. AlphaZero speaks for itself

  5. Chess noob here.

    Can someone explain a few of these checkmates to me? For example Morphy vs. Anderssen. Why didn‘t he just go Ke6 or Kd8? How is it a checkmate, if the king still has legal moves?

    Same with Kasparov vs. Kramnik. Why didn‘t the king just take the bishop on d7? There‘s no other piece protecting it. I thought a king could capture his attacker!?

  6. I truly believe that hikaru only knows how to play chess otherwise he's just stupid

  7. Yeah, anyone above 2500 can easily spot it.
    Unfortunately, my score is 0250.

  8. Capablanca, move evry pieces in harmony.
    That is dangerous.

  9. Tal was a world champion. Probably a very strong player then.

  10. lol maybe you shouldve said "i think magnus is on this list" and left it at that

  11. Thank you for considering morphy man was super computer for his age, after further research he actually didn’t like chess he was just so intelligent he ended up at the top of the mountain.

  12. The tal move was possibly psychological he was considered a dangerous player and was getting into the mind of the opponent?

  13. To me the “the game is over” without a checkmate on the board is kind of pathetic for chess players. Like you just give up because you find yourself in a unfavorable position? You just assume your opponent won’t make a blunder or see’s the exact same thing you see in that moment and give up? You called that first game for black early, and then white won. People make mistakes, or your seeing moves the opponent isn’t even truly focused on. Play it out to the end and find out.

  14. Greatest Flyers ever
    5)The Sparrow
    4)Paper Plane made by Johnny in5th grade
    2)Wright Brothers
    1) Bald Eagle

  15. Don't forget to keep in mind that today's players have computers and the ability to look multiple games simultaneously. Players back then relied on their knowledge of the game. Im sure you know this..

  16. Most prolific serial killers of all time:
    5: richard ramirez
    4: jeffrey dahmer
    3: arthur shawcross
    2: charles manson
    1: 9mm

  17. Why is the morphy game over, the king can escape? Thanks

  18. Stockfish will hack the computers of that writer and get his revenge.

  19. Dear Hikaru, please cut the background music in your videos. It is distracting especially for musicians who can not NOT hear! Thanks

  20. As engines become more and more dominant chess is shifting more to memorizing computer positions than sheer creativity.

    There's still a ton of creativity and genius but the balance is shifting slowly in that direction.

  21. Bobby Fischer would have beat Magnus Carlson. Fact.

  22. Putting AlphaZero on a top list is such a hack move.

  23. Critiquing chess meta is silly. Tal would be a great player today if he could hop on stockfish and check shit with 50+ years of games more in the database which he also didn't have access too. Within the meta the 2500 level pawnstorm moves weren't meta yet. In a sense this is like going back to COD4 and asking why he isn't using the guns that are in vangaurd. No shit, it's a different game.

    Like yeah he's not morphy level dominant but this is a pre internet global world. Morphy's nemisis could have been too busy killing chickens or working in a factory. Large scale competition is nascent where you are having transcendent talents playing eachother for the first time almost (capablanca might be the first first). Chess was working itself out.

  24. Disgusting article. Praising the reign of machines over humans (in a theater near you, soon…).

  25. He's actually just dunking on 12 year old Tal lmao

  26. Tal is brialliant player who beat Kasparov month before he die. He was brilliant player in Kasparovs words.
    Lets take Kasparov and Foscher words on this who played Tal.

  27. Morphy was so good that after he retired. It required around 80 years (that is close to a century) before someobe get to similar ELO
    Kmagibe Morphy trajnibg with chess engines

  28. At 3:45 after H3 why wouldn't the queen just take the pawn at G2 instead of going F5? (I'm inexperienced, just curious)

  29. 3:21 I don't get why Nakamura doesn't see h3 ➞ Qf5 ➞ g4 ➞ Ne5 ➞ Qe2 ➞ Qxf3 / Nxf3

  30. I wish Hikaru would repeat himself more. Saying every though 2-3 times in a row isn’t enough for me to catch everything

  31. I hate how much people idolize Alpha Zero. Let me clear the confusion if you happen to see my comment.

    Alpha Zero WAS NOT better than Stockfish. The team used a cool way to make an elite chess engine, yes (and it is a great engine too just like a handful of other ones). However, central to the dishonesty, their chess engine ran on a GPU instead of a CPU in part. If you don't know much about a CPU and a GPU, a GPU can, if you can code to fit its architecture, do many, many more calculation in the same time as a CPU, because it's basically designed to have billions of tiny calculations happen in parallel on something like 1000 tiny "CPUs" (with its original purpose being to do a tremendous number of calculations all at the same time to render a video game).

    What the match actually represents is a GPU versus a CPU. In other words, it was more computation compared to less computation. However, if you judge them on fair grounds – each having the same hardware – Stockfish does just fine. It would be like releasing a paper about how Stockfish running on an i9 processor beats Stockfish running on an i3 processor handedly (which it would). The engine would see more, consider more, and ultimately, make better decisions.

    The company that made Alpha Zero didn't release the engine to everyone, because they wanted to be in control of its PR. They wanted to be the ones running the competition with tuned time controls and hardware that accentuate the way Alpha Zero was programmed. Had they released it, less biased groups like TCEC or CCRL would have ran more traditional time controls with hardware guaranteed equal, and Alpha Zero wouldn't have had such "stunning" results.

    If you want proof of this, Leela Zero was programmed basically the exact same way, using the academic papers about Alpha Zero that were published. Guess what? In these tournaments I'm talking about, it is a clean 200 ELO worse than Stockfish. And yes, they run it in CPU mode as that ensures each engine has the same hardware to work with. If you have a GPU, you might actually get pretty interesting results quite fast with Leela Zero. However, these results aren't magical and unheard of. Stockfish likely considers similar moves, rejects them, and then beats Leela Zero since its algorithm is superior.

    Due to the fantastic marketing of Alpha Zero, people think of chess engines as if it's like, "Man, we only have Stockfish. If only they released it, we'd have something better." No, this is not the case. Given an equal amount of computation, Stockfish finds better moves on average, and it is still king. It was king back then too.

  32. "when Tall played his tripple question mark blunder" LOL – Tal is one of the most overrated chess player of all time. All this "magic" move were against mediocre player like in the example Hikaru showed us.

  33. What makes Kasparov's move at 13:05 #24 Ne6 so great?
    And why does Kramnik go Rg6 to threaten the queen instead of taking his bishop at Rxg4 immediately after?

  34. Alpha zero is a program. They should have a separate list for programs.

  35. Who is the strongest 100m runner of all time? Not Usain Bolt (nr 2) because nr 1 is the Bugatti Veyron.

  36. Rashid Nezhmetdinov aka. "Super Nezh" should be on this list as well. Besides Morozevich and Mamadyarov 🙂

  37. Hikaru at 3:15 blowing my mind. He looks at a position and instantly knows a series of moves that are obvious to him. It's like a language they can speak that only a few can understand.

  38. If you resurrected Paul Morphy he would easily adapt to today's chess and be the best. Literally playing engine moves.


  40. I'm surprised Emanuel Lasker wasn't in the mix,
    He after all held the world chess title for 27 year's, a record.

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