Bobby Fischer On Why He Hated Chess

What Chess Grandmaster Bobby Fischer said about chess might surprise you. Do you agree with him?


  1. Well I always saw the game of chess as a game well played in the aspect of predictions. And even a grandmaster is he that anticipates or predicts the next 64 moves

  2. I understand random Fischer’s need for "Fischer random" but why not just roll dice to see which last opening book move to start from

  3. YES! Chess sucks now. It's too much about memorisation and too little about solving the problem on the spot.

  4. Wow, he had to be a grandmaster to tell exactly what i've been telling since I was 12 years old. Qudos Bobby, qudos!

  5. This guy has a very deep understanding about chess.

  6. Urgh, just let the man talk, without a overused annoying stupid music.

  7. Just don't ask him about women or Jews

  8. "I Hate Chess"
    "I am not anti-Chess"
    "I love Chess"

  9. I think chess does more harm than its goods if they are really that smart they are wasting themselves thee good part of chess ? Maybe its fun sometimes

  10. He is a very smart man, he has dedicated the latter half of his life to exposing global jewelry and its subversive influence.

  11. The knight needs to be nerfed in next update

  12. I agree. I stopped playing because it became memorization at some point. I liked GO more because it was more free form. Although probably at higher levels it becomes the same, but at least the range for freedom and creativity is larger

  13. i mean, it's the same for any game when you take it to a high competitive level, peoples are going to analyse and calculate the best way to win and i think it's normal, when you're really into something, you want to get better hoping to master it

  14. Starts by saying "I hate Chess" ends saying I'm not anti chess

  15. back when I was a kid, me and my siblings used to play chess differently as we've got a lot of them in our house. my siblings and I would play it on a massive board where there's terrain and additional rules to make it more complex. we buy pieces as our kingdom generates more money, and expands our populations and territories, and even the game could still go on without the king as long as your pieces aren't completely annihilated (it sure is fun but not only harder to understand, but you'll also lose a lot from someone skilled in chess.)

  16. Yeah, I totally get that. It's like how competitive games have metas, but certain games allow for variations of that meta to allow for different kinds of play experiences. Certain games don't and while they offer a tighter experience, the joy if it is often sucked out. See ladder anxiety and starcraft, often cited as "the esports chess". People started getting burned out because there was only one way or specific "allowed ways" to play and everything else was suboptimal.

  17. Chess went from high IQ problem solving, to math.

    (When i say math i mean "problem = formula". If they move the knight there is a formula (or set moves) to counter that knight.

  18. Have agreed, there’s only so many moves and best options in certain scenarios, the controls are always the same, his randomized version is better, otherwise everyone will just draw or need to go first to win

  19. Lol what idiots actually believed that was Bobby Fischer

  20. Also about messing with your opponents head, like not turning up, being late daily, playing like an amateur etc…..dude really was awesome

  21. I hate chess
    People think I‘m anti-chess

  22. As well as chess he knows what the J's are all about. Speaks a lot of truth about their perverted destructive anti-huiman behaviour..

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