Bobby Fischer Enjoys Breaking Chess Players’ Egos | The Dick Cavett Show

American Chess grandmaster Bobby Fischer discusses what it takes to be a grandmaster in Chess and his past tournaments and experiences.

Date aired – August 5th 1971 – Bobby Fischer

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Cavett has published four books beginning with Cavett (1974) and Eye on Cavett (1983), co-authored with Christopher Porterfield. His two recent books — Talk Show: Confrontations, Pointed Commentary, and Off-Screen Secrets (2010) and Brief Encounters: Conversations, Magic moments, and Assorted Hijinks(October 2014) are both collections of his online opinion column, written for The New York Times since 2007. Additionally, he has written for The New Yorker, TV Guide, Vanity Fair, and elsewhere.

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  1. Russia said " ok America, you can beat us in hoaxing of space but, LEAVE OUR CHESS ALONE!!!

  2. He's so refreshingly arrogant. Sad he went crazy.

  3. Is this channel ever going to show Dick Cavett shows where he interviews Jackie Gleason and/or Art Carney? I don’t have the Decades network.

  4. It's funny; Fischer makes fun of Spassky at the beginning, but he consistently ranked Spassky as one of the top ten players of all time. They had a great respect for each other.

  5. have nothing against the other celebs that were on this show but is this channel ever going to show the Dick Cavett shows where he interviews Jackie Gleason or Art Carney? How about any Honeymooners actors that were part of the main cast? These are rare much like the other Cavett ones.

  6. Most of his complaints were legit. I dont think any of the current players can play in conditions that players of his era were playing, for example : spectators were often too close to the players, lighting was not good, not good prize money and some players used to smoke during the game.

  7. Tobey McGuire did a good job portraying him

  8. Man. That was like pulling teeth. DC did well.

  9. he single handedly smashed
    the soviet machines and no
    one else has done it again
    he destroyed nation's team

  10. As brilliant as he was, as a person, he was brutal antisemite, hateful and arrogant.

  11. You can tell just from this video alone how far American talk shows have come since the early '70s. The lack of polish on Cavett, the form of his questioning so unrehearsed and sloppy. The introduction was 10 times longer than it should have been. Johnny Carson was levels above Cavett, even in the same era. But hey, ya gotta start somewhere, right?

  12. Long live freedom and democratic socialism

  13. I played a tournament before and I was already 9-0 and I wanted to get the perfect 10 wins then I faced this kid and lost. Playing those positions where I just don't know where to go and how to play it was very suffocating and heartbreaking

  14. Long live democratic socialism and freedom

  15. I think he was one of a kind and wild and a rebel and said some critical outrageous things. Still it seemed he was persecuted by the US justice system, for minor offences, so that he spent his life on the run. There are other cases like that.

  16. Bobby Fisher was a GENIUS.

    Unfortunately, the elite of the triangle and the eye destroyed his professional career.

  17. when an interview pro interviews chess's gold… thank you so much for the uploader…for all chess enthusiasts like us hearing this legend is just pure gold

  18. Didn’t realise he was a big imposing guy, what was he, 6’ 4”?

  19. @7:30
    The reason older players fade is losing their Stamina….on an eventual show at 28— claims he wants to play 30 more years…his physical conditioning was mocked years ago when he played by ignorant media in the 70's…. Greatest player EVER SEEN

  20. Such is chess.. he never did anything for anyone and therefore became mentally ill

  21. So this is what Stockfish looked like before the singularity

  22. Chess players spend thousands of calories. They don't understand back then. The best stay skinny bcuz brain be spending and churning.

  23. Fischer has (had) very similar mannerisms to Dirk Nowitzki.

  24. It's painful to see brilliant people on talk shows….must be brutal for the prodigy to be subjected to banal questions and awkward group laughter. Cavett is much better than guys like Letterman, but this is an impossible interview for him. Still interesting to watch, though….

  25. I can see his point about the lighting. If you have to sit there for that long it won't be a joke.

  26. Bobby and Paul Morphy were the greatest chess players that ever played, Bobby beat 3 of the top grandmasters in the world at that time easily, Taimanov he beat 6 – O, Bent Larsen 6- O , Tigran Petrosian 6and a half, 2 and a half.Then went on to beat Spassky in the world championship .

  27. Prime Carlsen Vs Prime Fisher, Dream match for every Chess Fan ❤️

  28. Great, fantastic and immortal Bobby Fischer!!! Respect forever!!!

  29. The best thing about this interview is the interviewer.

  30. Bobby Fischer was the Steven Seagal of chess.

  31. i always wondered if the war Room would seek his advice

  32. Great video about a genius. Fischer left his mark on professional chess like no one before him.

  33. Most impressive chess player of all time for sure.

  34. Fischer was a fascinating man, but a terrible interview subject because his answers leave you wanting to know more, and he just isn't generous in the way he answers questions. It's a pity, because he had so much to share.

  35. It is now known that the best thing to do to keep your mind sharp is exercise.

  36. I'm watching the Fisher vs Spassky movie now, and wanted to see if his personality depiction is accurate. I think Spassky respected Fisher was a natural. I know little bit about Fisher's style, and it reminded me of earlier figure, and I don't like that style that much to try to use personally, though it works for his talent which is more expressive for his command of pieces…which is maybe highest level chess…. Kasparov…I respect a lot in style to try to emulate, for determination to bypass opponent and conquer grid positions. Fisher is great study in alienation, historically though.

  37. Do you honestly think you're probably are the world's greatest chess player"

    "Yeah, right" that was quite brutal 🥶

  38. I know he’s socially awkward, but I find Fischer pretty funny and entertaining

  39. La facon dont les gens rigolent quand il parlent de routine sportive et le fait d'etre en forme mais ils ne comprennent pas qu'utiliser son cerveau 5h à 100% c'est fatiguant car eux ne l'utilisent pas plus de 30s quand ils visent aux toilettes

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