Bobby Fischer Changed his Mind about Women in Chess (1972)

In an earlier interview, former World Chess Champion Bobby Fischer said that women are terrible chess players, should be kept out of intellectual affairs and stay at home cleaning. In this interview from 1972, shortly before his World Championship against Boris Spassky, he seems to have changed his opinion somewhat.


  1. I wonder if he ever changed his mind about Jewish people

  2. So the previous opinion was either trolling or he came to the conclusion that it was more logical to say what he is saying here. I'm glad I found this video!

  3. When Bobby Fischer said that a women’s place is at home, he of course means in the living room with a chess board and a couple good books

  4. This doesn't change his raging anti-Semitic views

  5. I drew against Nona G. In a simultaneous game. I suck at chess. Then and now.

  6. No he never changed his mind. Hes simply stating chess is played by anyone. Women are still not as good as men on average. How is this being interpreted as him changing his mind????

  7. They forgot discrimination against race. White always goes first 😈

  8. Not a sexist game.
    Just anti semetic. Ain't that right Bobby?

  9. "I welcome girls in chess…. its fun beating them mercilessly and watching them cry, LOL" – Bobby (the greatest chess player ever) Fischer

  10. After he disappeared he found his wife in Iceland and concluded “Love is the most important thing in life not chess”

  11. Is this the sexist guy who once said "women are not smart, they have the right to stay at home"?

  12. This could be AI generated and I wouldnt notice

  13. Wow this is the first time I’ve heard his voice, so interesting

  14. Definitely some character arc there. He also was incredibly antisemitic, despite being taken in by the Polgar family (who are Jewish) when he was fleeing the US. Imagine a holocaust denier, seeking refuge in a Jewish family's home when running from the authorities. What a dude lmao Not sure if that changed in his later years.

  15. Vera Menchik was not Hungarian, she was a Russian born Czechoslovak

  16. Feels like the question is worded wrong.
    Is chess sexists? No
    Is chess a male dominated sport? How can woman enter a sport where she will always feel like the outsider.

  17. Great, fantastic and immortal Bobby Fischer!!! Respect forever!!! 👍👍👍

  18. It just weird to me that we even have womens chess tournaments still. You’d think we wouldn’t have to divide the genders in a game like chess

  19. The ones that scream sexism and racism are the sexists and racists.

  20. That's maturity and learning from his mistakes.

  21. How can there be discrimination in chess
    All rules are just logical so if you play good you win 😂

  22. If yk how to play on their level, theres no one in the community who would look down on you

  23. This was after he came back from Lake Laogai

  24. That's the most American question that one could possibly even asked someone 🤣🤣

  25. If you don't know much, she was a grossmeister with men, which means she was better than enough men to make her grossmeister

  26. I think chess is the most equal game that both genders can play. It's all mental, and I guess some stuff about stamina can go into it but it's very close to being almost non physical.

  27. nothing wrong with saying that a woman's place is in the home.

  28. Group of Men exists
    Americans: whatever you're doing is sexist

  29. Queen gets to jump around the board and king has to move one by one yes its sexist

  30. "we don't have amatuers*
    jumps straight to GM level

  31. The only people who can discriminate against you in chess is yourself after losing 300 elo in a row.

  32. Chess nowadays: Bans trans women.

    I really don't understand the reasoning for doing so IN CHESS because what advantage would a man have over a woman in chess?

  33. Not sure if he's the right guy to ask whether or not there's sexism in chess

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