Bobby Fischer beats a Grandmaster in 10 moves! (But Reshevsky plays on)

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Once Bobby Fischer made his debut at age 14 in the U.S. Championship with the 1957–58 event, he dominated completely, winning on each of his eight attempts, leaving Reshevsky, the seven-time former champion, back in the chasing pack. There was little love lost between the two players, separated by a generation in age. Ahead of the Buenos Aires 1960 tournament, Reshevsky reportedly said, “I would settle for 19th place – if Fischer placed 20th.” Reshevsky in fact won the Buenos Aires 1960 tournament, with Fischer well back; this was the only time Reshevsky finished ahead of Fischer in an international tournament.

In 1961 Reshevsky began a 16-game match with the then-current U.S. Champion Fischer; it was jointly staged in New York and Los Angeles. Despite Fischer’s recent meteoric rise, consensus opinion favored Reshevsky. After eleven games and a tie score (two wins apiece with seven draws), the match ended due to a scheduling dispute between Fischer and match organizer Jacqueline Piatigorsky, with Reshevsky receiving the winner’s share of the prize fund.

In the 1967 Sousse Interzonal, Fischer turned up 53 minutes late (only seven minutes short of an automatic time forfeiture) for his game with Reshevsky, and made his opening move without a word of apology. Reshevsky, who had been convinced that Fischer had withdrawn from the tournament, lost the game badly and complained furiously to the organizers. Despite losing that game, Reshevsky advanced to the next stage. Reshevsky also refused to play for the U.S. team in the Chess Olympiads of 1960, 1962 and 1966 because Fischer, as U.S. champion, was chosen ahead of him for the top board. He did, however, finally consent to play on a lower board in 1970, the only time the two men appeared in the same team.

Although Reshevsky and Fischer had one of the fiercest rivalries in chess history, Fischer greatly respected the older champion, stating in the late 1960s that he thought Reshevsky was the strongest player in the world in the mid-1950s, around the time when he defeated world champion Mikhail Botvinnik in their four-game mini-match, which was the top board of the USA vs USSR team match held in Moscow.

It was only in 1968, in his 57th year, that he finally lost a match where he had time for extensive preparation. This was against Viktor Korchnoi in Amsterdam in the first round of the Candidates. The match was scheduled for ten games but the younger Grandmaster proved too much for Reshevsky, who didn’t win a game and lost by the final score of 5½–2½.

During his long chess career, Reshevsky played eleven of the first twelve World Champions, from Emanuel Lasker to Anatoly Karpov, the only player to do so (he met Garry Kasparov but never played him). He defeated seven World Champions: Lasker, José Raúl Capablanca, Alexander Alekhine, Max Euwe, Mikhail Botvinnik, Vasily Smyslov, and Bobby Fischer.

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  1. Fisher was not that good….. Soviet union had about 100 little boby fishers, at that time.

  2. Remember that game of Angry Birds you played in 2011?
    – Yeah nobody else does either.
    This game was played about 70 years ago.
    – And that's what's so great about chess.

  3. If you look at Fishers open, within 3 moves he has 4 pieces mobilized, 2 bishops, queen and the rook. I read his book, he is all about the offense. I wish I could play like him.

  4. Feeding the YouTube algorithm. Great video. I appreciate it.

  5. Incisive commentary about a nasty “mined” e6 square. Hanging d8 Queen made it work.

    Amusing how Fischer accused Russians of cheating, but gladly avails of their opening trap preparation.

    As great as Reshevsky was, he was sometimes lured into grabbing material in the opening.

  6. You know, and I think that I can speak for everyone, Bobby "Boom Boom" Fischer had several "Trap" moves, "Meanie Queenie," "Rook the Crook," "Punt the Pawn," "Nighty Knight," and "Boot the Bishop" just to name a few. It's generally considered that like Spassky, Bobby had a winning strategy after seeing the opponents 3rd or 4th move. Also, in private, Bobby liked to call Spassky "Spaz" due to his unusually strong BO.

  7. At 3:14 position in video, the black can play Nc2+ to prevent loosing rook. After white captures black knight, black can play K:g7 and has more material.

  8. Bobby Fischer is the reason why one should approach life like there is always someone in the room smarter than you.

  9. Dude if I ever got beat by a ten year old I would simply send him to North Korea im just built different

  10. So a king can’t capture a queen??? I’m just learning this beautiful game

  11. Have you any matches by pinkamena Dave from the uk

  12. 3:11 "black has to capture the pawn" that's threatening the rook (with the king). But what if black does not? Pawn takes rook, exchanges for white rook. Black king in check by rook. Black queen takes rook. Then what?

  13. فيشر اسطورة الشطرنج 💖

  14. Da chuvak! Chess should be explained in heavy Eastern Europe accent!!!!!!

  15. This is making Bobby sound like a super genius for doing this, but it's just a trap that can be learned. He didn't think much about this, or use his iq equal to his rating, he just set a trap that was used by Russians before and the other guy fell for it. Lol

  16. “…but this is even worse. black is getting check-mated”

  17. why didn’t the black night capture the white night at the beginning .

  18. He didn't beat the grandmaster in 10 moves. He was in a winning position.

  19. Chess ♟️
    With Bobby Fisher…
    Thank You.

  20. Reshevsky may still be the best player who was never world champion.

  21. Hes not just a grandmaster . He is a us champ . Usa #1at that time

  22. Holy 💩 this is 5 years ago. YouTube is reaching far back

  23. Let's be real. Dude probably resigned to cover his ego. He was hoping he could get away with the "we never finished that game, you're lucky I had other stuff to do" excuse rather than be seen losing to a little kid.

  24. Why did not black played its central pawns?

  25. Can Black just move his K to H8, after the check from the Bishop on F7? Does he stay alive longer in that case?

  26. All GMs must die Valar Morghulis!

  27. I want a t-shirt that shows the board set up to start a game…

    with a caption that says, "And it was in this position that I resigned."

  28. At what time is chess community going to confront the book-aspect of the game, or is this just going to keep going because so many stick to it and find it meaningful?

  29. totally destroys the story, with his own endings, instead of the Bobby Fischer one.

  30. None of this is obvious to me. How do you realize what’s happening?

  31. 4:13 can someone explain why black couldn’t move the queen to b6 because he says the queen can’t go anywhere when b6 is safe

  32. Great explanation of a famous game. I learned something. Don't play Fischer.

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