My thoughts on the result of my fight vs WGM Dina Belenkaya in Ludwig’s chessboxing event. Drop a like and let me know in the comments if I should participate in more boxing fights!
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00:00 Intro
02:34 The match starts
03:53 First Boxing Round
06:25 Chess Round
07:24 Second Boxing Round
09:45 Chess Round
11:00 The Last Boxing Round
12:41 The Controversial Referee Decision
15:15 Final Thoughts


  1. She didnt defend her belly you could easily hit the solar plexus a few times and that is a knocmout

  2. Bro not gonna lie andr3a has potentional to be a decent fighter

  3. I guess that was the worst punishment for missing mate in one!

  4. GIrls boxing is masculine ugly and frankly really stupid… Girls are WAY worse than men at boxing and a bit worse than men at chess overall.

  5. The ref said it, in retrospect Andrea wins due to forfeit/TKO

  6. The ref is embarrassing. Let them at it!! I'd be furious.

  7. Respect! Andrea is a warrior, love this game.

  8. maybe the ref bet all his life fund on dina because shes more higher rated chess player

  9. Bruh knight f2 could have ended the game a long time ago 😂😂😂

  10. Respect love and gratitude. Pushing forward makes me stronger

  11. You butcher her family name btw.. not sure if you know? It is not “belen-kah-yah” with emphasis on “Kah”. It is “byeh-leh-nkah-ya” with emphasis on “byeh”.

  12. Nice form dude. U look like u enjoyed yourself. Thats the most savage thing. Every warrior feels the same. U should continue the training.

  13. Dina is so kind just leaving the mate in 1 on the board so you guys could play out another boxing round 🙂 What a good friend

  14. I don't know… Andrea could easily have ended it in the 2nd round had she not given Dina all that time to rest.

  15. Yo this is new knowledge to me. Chess boxing? 😅 damn

  16. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL Dina's final facial expression xDD xa

  17. 😂
    good fight in the ring and on the board

  18. Ref doesn’t know anything about boxing. Andrea got robbed and TKO’d Dina 3 times. Ref decided to ruin this.

  19. My goodness… those girls are pretty stupid

  20. Andrea, you rocked that match! You were awesome in chess and boxing. The referee was wrong. You’re the best! 🙌🙌🙌

  21. The pure joy from her face as she’s beating up other shordy is what’s funny af😭😭😭🥲

  22. I would say that this adorable, because it looks adorable, but… I know hard and tiring boxing is at any level and how intensive that level of chess is. So yeah, it’s not adorable. It’s bad ass. 👍

  23. Be dina
    win match
    go to andrea hause for 0,5 sec of recording

  24. This is the most stupid shit I ever watched. The ref is an idiot, the boxing was terrible, and how do you miss a mate and one that YOU purposefully set up. This is staged.

  25. The ref should have only interfered when they had a knock down, not a random stoppage. That's boxing

  26. Quite possibly the stupidest most childish idiotic competition I've ever seen.

  27. if chess wasn’t involved andrea would’ve easily won. dina knew her weakness was fighting but knew her strong point was chess. they both won in different perspectives

  28. Yeah, the ref was biased here, the stoppage happened long before the count began.

  29. Wow dude, yeah, that was 100% "rigged." Perhaps not intentionally, but the guy was babying Dina at Andrea's expense. Maybe they just wanted to let the visitor / "real" chess-player have an easier time?

  30. anyways Dina did put up a good boxing show by not finishing with a check mate right away and to get into the last boxing round..

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